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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 08 Hansard (Tuesday, 17 August 1993) . . Page.. 2399 ..




Government Buildings - Building Code Exemptions

Mr Cornwell - asked the Minister for Urban Services:

(1) Is it regular practice for Government constructions to be exempted from certain clauses of the Building Code; if so, why is this considered necessary.

(2) Is exemption usually sought for buildings to be used mostly by Government workers, eg office blocks.

(3) Why has it been necessary for an Exemption (No.51 of 1993) to be issued for the Tuggeranong Indoor Swimming Centre.

(4) Is it regular practice for buildings intended for use by the public (including recreational use) to be exempted from clauses and tables of the Building Code.

(5) What other buildings in the ACT, constructed from 1989 onwards, have been exempted from clauses and tables of the Building Code and in what ways have they not complied with the Building Code.

Mr Connolly the answer to the members question is as follows

(1) It is not regular practice. Each case is taken on its merits and in the spirit and intent of the Building Code exemptions can and may be sought and granted within the provisions of the Building Act.

(2) No. Each building in the Governments Capital Works Program is subject to examination for compliance with the Building Code of Australia. Where this cannot be satisfied for technical or operational reasons, the established procedure for the granting of an exemption is followed.

(3) To reflect the particular configuration and needs of the Tuggeranong Indoor Swimming Centre which are not specifically referred to in the Building Code, as set out in the response to question number 801 (8).

(4) No, Each case is taken on its merits, as they refer to particular building types and uses not specifically defined in the Building Code.


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