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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 08 Hansard (Tuesday, 17 August 1993) . . Page.. 2329 ..




ACT Administration Centre Building

Mr Cornwell: asked the Minister for Urban Services: In relation to the ACT Administration Centre. currently housing the Legislative Assembly -

(1) Who constructed the building.

(2) Who were the architects.

(3) Who currently owns the building.

(4) When was it constructed.

(5) Why does rain enter the first floor rooms of the London Circuit and Nangari Street frontages.

(6) Is there a potential health problem from stagnant water in rooms at (5).

(7) What legal, recourse exists against potential health risks arising from (5).

(8) What steps are being taken to correct water leaks at (5).

Mr Connolly - the answer to the Members question is as follows:

(1) White Developments Holding Company)

. White Industries (Builder) .

(2) Philip Cox and Partners Ltd. .

(3) Commonwealth Bank Officers Superannuation Corporation.

(4) Building was constructed during 1985-1986.;

Certificate of occupancy was issued October -1986.

(5) With age and building movement the membrane material around some windows

in the complex has separated affecting the waterproofing;.

(6) Advice is that these is no potential health problem associated with the water entering the building.

When water has entered rooms the affected areas have been dried and cleaned immediately preventing water collecting in the areas.

When necessary the carpet and underfelt have been replaced.

(7) The maintenance of the building fabric is the responsibility of the building owner.

Any legal action by the ACT Government Service world initially be taken under terms and conditions of the lease agreement.

(8) The building owner has undertaken temporary repair o the membranes to ensure they are waterproof.

This, action was taken until a permament solution could be.undertaken. This work is to commence shortly to ensure a long term solution. Government is unable to influence other leaks from the Liberal Party offices.

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