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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 08 Hansard (Tuesday, 17 August 1993) . . Page.. 2259 ..

that members are generally concerned that these issues are handled appropriately, and I am also concerned about that matter. I have, as I have said, asked the Auditor-General to review the broader picture, the procedures that are used for handling redundancies and other allowances and so forth within the public service. Parts of the report into this investigation - those parts that refer to the guidelines and procedures for such payments and how those matters can be improved - will also be brought to the attention of the Auditor-General in the course of that review that he is doing.

I repeat, Madam Speaker, that the report itself, I believe, should remain confidential. That is a view that I hold very strongly. The results of that report have been made public by the appropriate person, the Head of Administration. The wider implications of that report are being dealt with by the Auditor-General in the course of an inquiry which he has agreed to undertake; so, Madam Speaker, I believe that that settles the matter. Of course, if members wish to have further information made available I will certainly arrange a briefing for them, but I stress that that briefing will be in confidence. It relates to particular officers of the public service who have rights, including rights to privacy.

ACTTAB - Turnover

MS ELLIS: My question is directed to the Deputy Chief Minister in his capacity as Minister for Sport. Could the Minister inform the Assembly on the level of turnover for ACTTAB for the 1992-93 financial year?

MR BERRY: I am pleased to announce that there has been a good performance from ACTTAB. The gambling industry in the ACT has come under increased competition lately due to the tougher economic climate and the opening of the Canberra casino. However, I am pleased to inform you, Madam Speaker, that ACTTAB has managed to excel in these tough times and has increased its turnover. ACTTAB turnover for the year 1992-93 was $89,984,954, an increase of 4.84 per cent over the previous year's. The substantial increase in turnover benefits the punters, racing clubs and the ACT community.

Mr De Domenico: That is right. So why did you change it?

MR BERRY: To keep it safe. While 84 per cent of the turnover went to punters, the ACT Government received $5.4m through the turnover tax and another $3.8m was paid to the local industry. Those are strong arguments against the privatisation of the TAB. Betting on greyhound races, although still a minor part of the total market, increased by 19 per cent for the second year running. Betting on harness racing increased by 9.38 per cent and accounted for 7.77 per cent of the total market. The most popular form of betting remained thoroughbred racing, which increased by 3.96 per cent and accounted for 88.64 per cent of the total turnover.

So, Madam Speaker, ACTTAB continues to perform well and it will continue to perform well, under difficult circumstances, because there is the impact of the casino to consider. The introduction of casino betting has impacted in other places, but the effects of the casino have so far been limited. There are also the effects of the economy which can impact on the TAB as well. That, too, has been limited and I think the TAB, under Labor, has done well.

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