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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 06 Hansard (Thursday, 20 May 1993) . . Page.. 1699 ..

the development, not assessing whether environmental considerations should rule it out. During this process the community needs to have access to the information at every stage. When new information is produced, new comments should be sought. This does not mean an infinite round of changes and public consultation processes. It means getting it right and making the process clear and accessible, and making each step of the process open and accountable.

The community has lost faith in the process as it exists, or it had done, and I raise the fact that, of 241 submissions from individuals, community groups and peak bodies, only 46 supported the proposal as outlined. The proposal, of course, was subsequently revised, deleting areas A1, A2 and D, and comment was invited on this change, although I note that the Territory Planning Authority points out that it was under no statutory obligation to do so. What people felt upset about at the time was the apparent ability of the Government and the Territory Planning Authority to proceed along a path they had decided upon long before the proposal was actually in the public arena for debate.

Madam Speaker, I have just one more point to make about this form of environmental impact statement. It uses no comparative modelling, and, while it informs the reader that Tuggeranong may be considered a close model for the purpose of looking at the possible demographics of the new suburbs, it does not elaborate on this theme. In fact the report's authors seem unable or unwilling to use figures and facts from the areas of Tuggeranong they see as comparable to support their case of increased use of existing infrastructure. This would be a very useful tool in enabling lay people to understand the process.

While arguing that there is a similarity to areas such as Tuggeranong, there are differing views as to what that means. In many minds Tuggeranong still holds its nappy valley image, which is hardly supportive of the notion of 0.3 students per household; it is more like one or two children per household, with the related need for services. The image conjured up in the minds of people when particular developments are used as comparisons can be quite different from person to person, and I suggest that it would be more helpful to identify suburbs, provide demographic information, and then extrapolate that to the proposal at hand.

Debate interrupted.


MADAM SPEAKER: Order! It being 4.30 pm, I propose the question:

That the Assembly do now adjourn.

Mr Berry: I require the question to be put forthwith without debate.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Assembly adjourned at 4.31 pm until Tuesday, 15 June 1993, at 2.30 pm

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