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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 06 Hansard (Thursday, 20 May 1993) . . Page.. 1695 ..

Madam Speaker, I think that members will clearly see, by perusing the information available in the budget papers for this financial year, that that simply is not the case. There was $16.425m actually collected in the 1991-92 financial year from the tobacco franchise. There is for this financial year an estimate of $21.2m collected in tobacco franchise fee - a very significant increase - presumably effected through an increase in the tobacco franchise fee percentage. I could not say for sure, but presumably it was on that basis. Clearly, however, a significantly smaller percentage of money from the tobacco franchise fee is going into the Health Promotion Fund.

Mr Berry: But more dollars, bigger dollars.

MR HUMPHRIES: That may be. It may be, Madam Speaker, that Mr Berry can find some little bit of silver lining on this cloud to latch onto and portray to the community that, "We are doing something for health and something for sport, and aren't we good boys?". The fact of life is that this Health Promotion Fund, which was a concept strongly supported by the Alliance Government and properly funded by the Alliance Government, has been allowed to run down by this Government. Clearly, Madam Speaker, we are getting much less from the tobacco franchise fee for health promotion today than we were getting even 12 months ago. Clearly that is the case. The Minister cannot escape that reality. I think, Madam Speaker, it is a matter of regret that the Minister attempts to put a very brave face on what is, in fact, a matter for some shame.


Debate resumed from 24 November 1992, on motion by Mr Wood:

That the Assembly takes note of the papers.

MR WESTENDE (4.15): Madam Speaker, I have read through the West Belconnen environmental impact report and I am generally satisfied with its conclusions. There has been a very thorough assessment of the proposed plan for West Belconnen. A very comprehensive draft environmental impact statement was prepared in October 1991 and we now have a further impact statement pertaining to the revised draft variation to the Territory Plan for West Belconnen which now refers to only two areas of the original five-area development. These areas are area B, west of Macgregor and north of Parkwood Road; and area C, west of Charnwood.

Madam Speaker, the proponent of the proposed development of these areas, the Chief Planner of the ACT Planning Authority, has, I believe, provided a very realistic assessment of the alternative development areas to West Belconnen, namely, Jerrabomberra Valley, West Murrumbidgee, Majura Valley, Lawson and Gungahlin. The development of areas B and C at West Belconnen is eminently sensible and it can be achieved with great sensitivity to the environment and, of course, with minimal cost to the community.

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