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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 06 Hansard (Thursday, 20 May 1993) . . Page.. 1677 ..

Further, it needs to be understood that this is not a method of compensation unique to the public sector. For example, building workers in the private sector are entitled to daily travelling allowance per day, irrespective of the relationship of the building site to their place of residence or urban development. It is a routine allowance which is paid to workers across a range of employment areas and one which will, from time to time, subject to the prevailing industrial conditions, be examined and varied to meet those particular requirements.

Ms Follett: I ask that further questions be placed on the notice paper, Madam Speaker.

Woden Bus Interchange Kiosk

MS FOLLETT: Madam Speaker, on 18 May Mrs Carnell, Mr De Domenico and Mr Humphries asked me questions relating to the leasing arrangements of the Woden bus interchange kiosk and I undertook to provide them with an answer. Mr Westende asked a similar question of my colleague Mr Wood, as Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning, who also undertook to provide an answer. I am therefore responding to all of these questions. My answer is that I must first provide some substantial background to this matter in order to clarify the issues.

In 1984 Mr and Mrs Koutsoukos became the new lessees of the kiosk for a five-year term commencing on 7 November 1984. Rental for this five-year term was set at $13,000 per annum, to be paid every quarter. In 1989 discussions were held with Mallesons Stephen Jaques, solicitors, acting for Mr and Mrs Koutsoukos, regarding a further five-year lease, and in November 1989 they were advised:

Due to proposed redevelopment of the Woden Bus Interchange including possibly the kiosk site, we have not to date been in a position to agree to extend the lease for a further 5 years.

A further lease was agreed and commenced on 1 February 1990 but only for one year and thereafter on a quarterly basis, and it included the clause:

Such lease being determinable by one quarter's notice given by either party to the other.

A new rental was set at $19,000 per annum, also payable each quarter. The lease also included the statement that if the lease was still in operation after two years a rent assessment would be undertaken. The short-term lease was issued due to ACTION's advice that they may be redeveloping the Woden interchange and this could involve the removal of the kiosk. In March 1992 the lessees requested a new five-year lease, as they did not want to commence refurbishment without having a more secure tenure.

In a response to this request, the Koutsoukoses were advised in May of 1992 that there may be new developments in this area and thus a longer-term lease could not be issued. In the meantime the lease would continue on a quarterly basis. At the same time the scheduled rent review was undertaken by the Australian Valuation Office, which resulted in a new rent of $30,000 per annum.

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