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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 06 Hansard (Thursday, 20 May 1993) . . Page.. 1671 ..

I am not about to lay that report on the table, because it may prejudice the rights of one individual or another within the Ambulance Service or the Health Department. It is a management matter which I do not interfere with, and I would expect that the Opposition would have the good grace to allow management people to get on with their job, to pursue the process and complete it. Once it is completed, there are various appeal rights that might be pursued by individuals as well. It is not a process that people ought to interfere in while it is going on. If you want to grab a political point or two you can shriek about it and do all the things that we expect Liberals to do, but the process will be pursued doggedly and we will take it through to its completion. Everybody will be treated fairly.

MR DE DOMENICO: I ask a supplementary question. Is it not a fact that the report has been in the hands of heads of departments for several days, and is it also not a fact that its release is being delayed until after the Assembly rises, perhaps to mitigate its damaging findings?

MR BERRY: Whom is it going to damage?

Mr De Domenico: I do not know. I have not seen the report.

Ms Follett: It is a conspiracy enriched life.

MR BERRY: That is right. The conspiracy enriched life of the Liberals opposite is a source of amusement to many people. In relation to this matter, I say to you again, and I hope that it sinks in, that management are going to be allowed to pursue this matter until it is completed. Once it is completed, any action which is required in accordance with the processes which are adopted throughout the public service will be followed. I am not going to allow people like you to interfere in the process just for political gain.

Magistrates Court Building

MR STEVENSON: My question is to the Chief Minister. First of all, I thank her for her answer to my earlier question. This question normally would go to the Attorney-General, but I ask it of the Chief Minister since he is away. Has there been included in the plans of the proposed new ACT courthouse an area suitable for the accommodation of crime victims and their families to which they may repair and discuss court matters in a confidential and private setting during trial procedures? I believe that in the present ACT court complex there is no allowance for, nor is there available, any accommodation for crime victims or their families. We certainly understand the anguish and stress that they can go through during trials.

MS FOLLETT: I thank Mr Stevenson for the question. I am aware that the design and siting of the new court building is still a matter which is yet to be resolved. I assume that the construction of a new court building in the ACT would encompass the very latest thinking in accommodation for everybody who is concerned in court dealings. However, Madam Speaker, I will take Mr Stevenson's question on notice, as I have not had an opportunity to look at plans. I think that, as it is a fairly detailed matter, I would need to make sure that Mr Stevenson gets an appropriate response as quickly as possible.

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