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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 06 Hansard (Wednesday, 19 May 1993) . . Page.. 1638 ..

Tuggeranong Swimming Centre

MR DE DOMENICO (4.58): Madam Speaker, very quickly, I would like to endorse what Ms Ellis has said. The thing the Tuggeranong pool showed me is how a decision taken first of all by another government, the Alliance Government - - -

Mr Berry: No, Labor took it in 1989.

MR DE DOMENICO: Labor took it first; the Alliance Government took it on board as well; Labor retook the decision. It was a bipartisan decision and everyone was delighted with the outcome. It is a fantastic facility for the disabled, for the people of Tuggeranong, and for the people of the ACT in general, because it is not too far to come to the Tuggeranong pool. I think we are all in accord that it is a fabulous facility. The only thing that spoiled it was Mr Berry swimming in one of the lanes when I saw it on Saturday morning.

Camps for Kids

MRS GRASSBY (4.59): I would like to carry on from what Ms Ellis said and speak about other people with disabilities. A group of people came to see me today who have a lot of trouble in raising funds for Camps for Kids. I am sure that everybody in the Assembly knows about Camps for Kids. It is an organisation that takes children who are suffering from cancer - we have heard about that today - on a holiday with their parents, helping them with the disability they have to live with. Some of them live with it; some of them, unfortunately, we lose. They are having a lot of trouble raising money. They have a ball on 29 May and are looking for people to attend that ball. At the moment they do not have a lot of people going. They are also looking at raising other money, and I think every one of us here in the Assembly could afford to give them a small donation to help their organisation, Camps for Kids.

MADAM SPEAKER: It being 5.00 pm, in accordance with amended standing order No. 34, the Assembly stands adjourned until Thursday, 20 May 1993, at 10.30 am.

Assembly adjourned at 5.00 pm

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