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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 06 Hansard (Wednesday, 19 May 1993) . . Page.. 1606 ..

the 21 per cent cut in its Commonwealth general revenue grant for this year, a process of sustainable and realistic reductions by the Commonwealth of the order of 5 per cent over the coming years. Mr Kaine will be aware of that. I am in the process of discussing that approach with my Federal colleagues. Those discussions, of course, are not concluded.

Madam Speaker, I am sure that Mr Kaine is also aware that we will not know what it is that the Commonwealth will grant to the ACT by way of general revenue grant until the Premiers Conference, which this year will be held in July - rather late. I really do not think that there is any point in speculating, as Mr Kaine appears to want me to do, upon the exact way of approaching the budget task. Quite clearly, Madam Speaker, there are many issues which have yet to be resolved, and the way of addressing the budget gap is one of those issues.

MR KAINE: I ask a supplementary question, Madam Speaker. Will the Chief Minister and Treasurer confirm or deny that the Government is considering extending land tax to the principal residence?

MS FOLLETT: I deny that any such consideration is being undertaken.

Community Consultation

MR WESTENDE: Madam Speaker, my question is directed to the Chief Minister. I refer the Chief Minister to page 8 of her community consultation paper, where she outlines that her consultative structure should be a formal one and goes on to state:

It is envisaged that a community consultation structure ("the Structure") will provide an advisory and advocacy role, representing a voice which is outside the bureaucratic structure.

My question to the Chief Minister is: Does this mean that consultation with the ACT Government can take place only through these formal structures and designated interest groups, or can all Canberra citizens be consulted when and if they have an interest or a wish to participate?

MS FOLLETT: Madam Speaker, the Liberals clearly have a lot to learn about consultation. I am quite pleased to see that they are indicating today at least a willingness to learn.

Mr Kaine: We have to learn about the pretence of community consultation.

Mr De Domenico: Ask the people at Woden interchange - - -

MADAM SPEAKER: Could we have some order, please. The Chief Minister is attempting to answer a question.

MS FOLLETT: Madam Speaker, it ought to be clear to the Liberals, as it is indeed clear to most of the community, that people may make their views known to the Government or indeed to the Opposition in any number of ways.

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