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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 06 Hansard (Tuesday, 18 May 1993) . . Page.. 1531 ..

amendment this afternoon goes some way towards that. The Minister has indicated that, if there is a particular issue in association with paragraph (3) that Mr Moore wishes to further consider, it will be given favourable consideration. I believe that that is the appropriate way for us to proceed from the MPI and this motion.

MR MOORE (5.05), in reply: Madam Speaker, I was assessing whether anybody else wanted to speak.

MADAM SPEAKER: It seems not.

MR MOORE: Madam Speaker, I have listened, in particular, to Mr Lamont from his position as chair of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee. He points out that the issues raised in paragraphs (1) and (2) will be dealt with on Thursday by the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee. I accept that. He also said that the Planning Committee of the Assembly would be open to looking into whether or not they would consider paragraph (3). I must say that I would have preferred to have had it in this inquiry, but I understand that that is not where the numbers are. I am quite happy to have the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee look at it.

Mr Lamont also raises at this stage whether I would consider it appropriate for him to be part of that committee or whether I would think it appropriate for him to stand down. Madam Speaker, I believe that the intensity of feeling that has come from my comments is inappropriate but understandable. The comment that I made was meant to imply that it would be appropriate for Mr Lamont to be careful. That was not said in an accusatory way. I clarify that I would have no difficulty with him remaining as chair of that committee for such an inquiry. I think that it is important that I clarify that, Madam Speaker. I will oppose the amendment, Madam Speaker, but I accept that the motion as a whole will be carried, and I shall look forward to the results of the inquiry.

Amendment agreed to.

Motion, as amended, agreed to.

Sitting suspended from 5.08 to 8.00 pm

Report on Crimes (Amendment) Bill 1993

MR HUMPHRIES (8.00): Madam Speaker, pursuant to order, I present the report of the Standing Committee on Legal Affairs entitled "Crimes (Amendment) Bill 1993", together with extracts from the minutes of proceedings. I move:

That the report be noted.

I am pleased to present the report of the Legal Affairs Committee on the Crimes (Amendment) Bill 1993. The Bill was presented by Mr Moore on 17 February this year. It introduced a concept which is still fairly new in the ACT - that some criminal offences should be dealt with, in certain circumstances, rather like traffic offences. The Bill, as presently drafted, presents police with the

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