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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 06 Hansard (Tuesday, 18 May 1993) . . Page.. 1495 ..

Madam Speaker, Companion Crescent is physically capable of carrying heavy vehicles with complete safety. However, it is a residential road and the local residents are therefore likely to experience some disruption due to the increased volumes of heavy vehicles while the temporary load limit is operating. Companion Crescent was considered by traffic engineers to be the most viable route for the passage of heavy vehicles. By signposting this route specifically the impact of the redirected heavy vehicles on the surrounding residential environment can be contained and can be easily monitored. Madam Speaker, the traffic and safety conditions will be monitored closely during the next two weeks and additional traffic measures will be provided if appropriate. Madam Speaker, Ms Szuty has asked to what extent the residents of Companion Crescent have been informed and consulted. From the information available to me, it appears that there has not been that consultation at this moment, and I can only undertake that after the two weeks of monitoring, if there is to be a further impact upon them, they will be at least advised of that.

MS SZUTY: I have a supplementary question, Madam Speaker. Was an upgrading of Ginninderra Creek bridge not considered as an alternative to the current arrangements?

MS FOLLETT: I will have to take that part of the question on notice, Madam Speaker.

Woden Bus Interchange Kiosk

MR HUMPHRIES: My question is also addressed to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister advised the Assembly earlier today that the tenants in question at the Woden bus interchange were on a three-month periodic tenancy. Can the Chief Minister therefore explain why it was that in the notice of 5 March this year the tenants were offered a new period of tenancy of one year from 1 February 1993 to 31 January 1994 in respect of those premises at the rent of $30,000 per annum? Is it her intention to treat other small businesses in the ACT in the same way as she has treated this family run business operating at that kiosk? Where is the social justice in throwing a hardworking first generation Australian family onto the unemployment scrap heap, apparently on the basis that the shop that they run operates between two toilets?

MS FOLLETT: Madam Speaker, I have already indicated to the Assembly that there are aspects of this matter that I am not happy about, and I have indicated further that I will be making some very close inquiries into the conduct of this matter, and indeed I will do so. I would like to say, in response to the last part of Mr Humphries's question, that I do not consider that it is appropriate to have a food outlet between two toilets. If in the rearrangement of the Woden interchange that is a feature which is to be changed, then I think a majority of people would support that. Nevertheless, as I have said before, I greatly regret the manner in which this matter has been handled, and in particular I would be anxious to see the business people involved continue in business. I will, as I have said, make arrangements for them to be given what assistance is available from the Economic Development Division.

Mr De Domenico: Hear, hear!

MS FOLLETT: I said that in the first place, but you were shouting.

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