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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 06 Hansard (Tuesday, 18 May 1993) . . Page.. 1494 ..

MR BERRY: There were not too many images of you up there, then.

Mr Stevenson: Is that subtle?

MR BERRY: No. That was like the back of an axe. Madam Speaker, this issue is dead as far as the ACT is concerned. The National Health and Medical Research Council will make recommendations from time to time on this issue, and we will examine them and we will support them.

Woden Bus Interchange Kiosk

MR WESTENDE: Madam Speaker, my question is directed to the Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning. Given that ACT Public Works notified your department on 18 March of its intention to redevelop the Woden bus interchange site, why did your department not advise the tenant of the kiosk at the interchange of this until 7 May 1993, and why was a new lease offered when plans were under way to redevelop the site?

MR WOOD: Madam Speaker, on the information I have, that lease in recent times has been on a quarterly basis. Any lessee who has a lease in those circumstances knows that he or she is on a pretty short-term tenancy. I do not think it makes any difference whether it is a private lease or a public lease. Therefore, that lessee should not have been unduly surprised to be told that the lease would not be renewed. At this stage I do not have the details of the order of letters. The matter has only just crossed my desk. I will have a look at it and come back with an answer appropriate to the question.

Ginninderra Creek Bridge

MS SZUTY: Madam Speaker, my question is addressed to the Acting Minister for Urban Services, Ms Follett, and concerns new weight limit loadings on the bridge across Ginninderra Creek in Ginninderra Drive, Flynn. I did give Ms Follett a little notice of this question and I hope that she is able to answer it today. The question is: Why did the signs outlining the new weight limit loadings for the bridge suddenly appear last week, and to what extent have the residents of Companion Crescent in Flynn been informed and consulted about the new arrangements, bearing in mind that vehicles over 20 tonnes in weight will not be able to use Ginninderra Creek bridge and will need to use Companion Crescent, Flynn, as a detour?

MS FOLLETT: I thank Ms Szuty for the question. Madam Speaker, I have been advised that, following a recent inspection of two bridges on Ginninderra Drive over Ginninderra Creek, officers from the traffic and roads section of the Department of Urban Services did detect substantial cracking on the underside of the decks of those bridges. While there appears to be no immediate safety risk, the continued use of the bridges by heavy vehicles, I am told, is likely to cause further damage to the bridges, to the point where they are likely to become unsafe.

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