Page 971 - Week 03 - Thursday, 30 March 2023

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over the border”. What a good descriptive title. He expressed confusion over the government's policy of land supply and your claim that the ACT has run out of urban-capable land. Minister, why do you continue to choke land supply in the ACT despite the feedback from your former party leader and the obvious pressure it adds to the cost of housing affordability and the cost of living for Canberrans?

MR GENTLEMAN: I thank Mr Cain for the question. Of course, that is not the case. We do an ILRP each budget which forecasts the land and dwellings that are needed for future land supply, and of course it looks at the demographic and the growth of population across Canberra. So, if we look at the current ILRP, it provides for 2.5 people per dwelling, but we have had sufficient supply through five years, between 2016 and 2021, to accommodate 2.4 people per additional dwelling. So the ILRP forecast, in providing dwellings for future population, is in advance of what we see the population growth to be.

The census shows that the Canberra Liberals have provided some misleading statements in the Assembly, as well as in the media, about the growth in our surrounding regions, when we talk about growth in population and supply, with their claims of people flocking across the border.

Ms Lawder: Point of order, Madam Speaker: Mr Gentleman is accusing us of misleading. He should bring a substantive motion if that is what he believes. I ask you to ask him to withdraw.

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Steel, on the point of order.

Mr Steel: Mr Gentleman clearly said that misleading statements had been made. He did not claim that a particular person was being misleading.


Mr Hanson: To help, Madam Speaker, the quote, I think, was actually Mr Stanhope’s. It may be that the minister is confused and he has accused Mr Stanhope of misleading.

MADAM SPEAKER: There is no point of order. You have 20 seconds left, Minister, if you want to continue.

MR GENTLEMAN: Thank you, Madam Speaker. As I said, the growth in the ACT has been higher than in surrounding regions. Queanbeyan-Palarang grew by 13 per cent and Yass grew by seven per cent, whereas the ACT grew by more than 14 per cent. So the previous claims of the Canberra Liberals about those people strewing across the border is not in place.

MR CAIN: Minister, how can this government justify being serious about reducing cost-of-living pressures and addressing housing affordability when you insist on driving up land prices by choking land supply?

MR GENTLEMAN: I made it very clear we are not choking land supply. Our ILRP is well in advance of population growth, and that comes out every year. Of course,

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