Page 956 - Week 03 - Thursday, 30 March 2023

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MADAM SPEAKER: As I understand, there was reference made to submissions to the inquiry but there could be information additional to that. Ms Davidson?

MS DAVIDSON: I do meet with Carers ACT regularly and we talk about a range of issues that they want to discuss relating not only to mental health, but also disability, to the Carers Recognition Act—

Ms Lawder: Point of order, Madam Speaker. We still have not received the answer. When did they raise their concerns? Not whether we meet regularly. When were these specific concerns raised?

MADAM SPEAKER: Resume your seat. Ms Davidson, I believe you are in order but it would be more satisfactory if you could answer that directly.

MS DAVIDSON: I had a number of discussions with Carers ACT around the time of the Dhulwa inquiry being considered and then called for in May of 2022. As I was saying— (Time expired.)

MR HANSON: Minister, have you issued a statement acknowledging the deep impact this had on people living with mental health issues and their carers? If not, why not?

MS DAVIDSON: Thank you for the supplementary question. I was quoting from Carers ACT’s statement today when I was saying that Carers ACT:

… firmly believe that trust in health professionals to respect privacy and dignity is central to the commitment to treatment and recovery in the mental health sector and sharing of confidential patient files without knowledge or consent is unacceptable … It goes against our expectations of ethical, empathetic and caring behaviour.

Well, Madam Speaker it goes against the ACT government’s expectations of ethical, empathetic and caring behaviour.

Mr Hanson: Point of order.

MADAM SPEAKER: Point of order.

Mr Hanson: I think we can all see what is going on here. It is a reasonable question. Carers ACT have asked for a statement. I am asking has she made a statement? If not, why not? She is reading a pre-prepared statement that is not relevant to the question.

MADAM SPEAKER: Thank you Mr Hanson. Can you go to the substance of the question Ms Davidson?

MS DAVIDSON: Yes. As I said to media last week when I was asked what my thoughts and feelings were when I heard about this breach of patient privacy, I said that it broke my heart to think about the impact that this has had on patients and

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