Page 944 - Week 03 - Thursday, 30 March 2023

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for the community. That is what a good Labor member should do. Then she got into this place and she was reminded: “No. Stop thinking about the community, stop thinking about what is best for the people of Canberra, and remember that what matters is the power-sharing agreement. This is going to upset Mr Rattenbury. You cannot upset Mr Rattenbury. Please, Dr Paterson, do not say this. It is going to upset Mr Rattenbury and you know that we cannot do that. So, Dr Paterson, please, forget that you are meant to be a good, hardworking Labor member out there. Remember that all that matters is to maintain the pact of pain. Keep punishing the people of Canberra. That does not matter, as long as you keep the Greens happy.”

It is interesting. Mr Pettersson, in Gungahlin, has a petition calling for more police resources in Gungahlin. Is that not great? Is it not good? He is going to come in here and vote against this. Out there in the community, there they are: “I am a good Labor member. I will stand up for my community. I will do what Labor members do.” And then they come in here and they are reminded: “Look Michael, we understand that out there you have to pretend that you are a good, solid, hardworking Labor member, but in here remember you do not want to upset the hard leftist position of the Greens. We have to keep this pact going, and remember that Mr Braddock does not like the police. Mr Braddock thinks they are a waste of money. Mr Braddock thinks the more police you have actually leads to crime. We do not want to rock that boat.”

We will be very interested to see if Mr Pettersson will come in here and actually support this. He has a petition. He is sponsoring a petition, is he not? He thinks it is a good idea. Obviously, he is in touch with his community, is he not?

It being 45 minutes after the commencement of Assembly business, the debate was interrupted in accordance with standing order 77. Ordered that the time allotted to Assembly business be extended by 30 minutes.

MR HANSON: Mr Gentleman, I could feel the pain that you experienced in moving that the time allotted be extended! I have only got two minutes left to speak, though, so I will conclude. I think I have made my point.

It is actually disappointing that this very serious issue of police resources is not going to be looked at. There might be different view out there and there might be different views within the Assembly, but what is very clear is the Chief Police Officer has said that his staff are suffering and it is evident that there is a lack of police resources in this town. This would afford us an opportunity to look at this in a tripartisan way and put our decisions forward so that we could actually have it as a useful body of work to present to this government, but once again the Greens-Labor power-sharing agreement has taken precedence over our community. In this case, it has taken precedence over our police.

Question put:

That the motion be agreed to.

The Assembly voted—

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