ACT Legislative Assembly Hansard


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 576

Child protection, 415q

Grants and recipients, 621q

Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, 165q, 166q, 267q, 914q

Our Booris, Our Way, final report, 271

Residential rehabilitation facility, 364qn, 829qn

ACT Health

Accreditation, 826qn

Emergency department performance, 167q

Employment data, 316qn

Medical training, 161q

SPIRE project, 150q, 153q, 155q, 157q, 158q, 160q, 167q, 172q, 174, 366qn, 914q

Staff subsidies, 912qn

Workplace culture, 365qn, 368qn

Bushfire and storm season, 28

Canberra Health Services

Audit reports, 264q, 915q

Budget, 403q, 421q

Cost‐effectiveness, 408q, 915q

Radiology services, 265q, 832qn

Service improvements, 405q

SPIRE project, 612q

Workforce development committee, 694qn

Canberra Hospital

Hydrotherapy pool, 342qn

Precinct, mnrs, 734

Radiology department, 909qn

Visiting medical officers, 911qn

Children and young people, care and protection, 256q, 305

Cost of living, 288

COVID‐19 Emergency Response Bill 2020, prin, 786


Air quality, 225

Bird deaths, 880qn


Energy efficiency rating scheme, 883qn

Health system, 490q

Invoices, 314qn, 830qn


Hydrotherapy, mnst, 372, 623q, 630q, 695qn

Nurse graduates, 109

Nurse‐led walk‐in centres, 636

Outpatient clinics, 311qn

World Cancer Day, 109

Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2019, 270

Health, COVID‐19, 766q, 768q


Aged‐care assessments, 338qn

Bushfire season preparedness, 871qn

Commonwealth funding, 827qn

Day surgery capacity, 370qn

Emergency department data, 368qn, 618q

Intensive care beds, 767q

Maternity services, 366qn, 421q

North side hospital, 870qn

Outsourced procedures, 908qn

Procedures data, 339qn

Johnstone, Ms LM, inquest into death, coroner's report and government response, 79

Legislative Assembly, order to table, standing order 213A, 174

Majura nature reserve, 602

Mental health, cannabis, 361qn

Municipal services

Signage, 357qn

Upgrades, 351qn

Public Health (Emergencies) Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 741, 757

Transport Canberra, network 19, 508

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