ACT Legislative Assembly Hansard


Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, Our Booris, Our Way, final report, 271m

ACT Health, SPIRE project report, 779m

ACT Policing

Antisocial driving, 414q

Motorcycle gangs, 413q

Auslan, use during emergencies, 193


Bushfire and storm season, 12

Controlled burns, 892qn

Preparedness, 45q

Recovery support, 117

Wildlife protection, 494q

Wildlife recovery, 246q

Canberra, flood management, 352qn

Casey, community facilities, 343qn

Children and young people, out of home care, 780m

Cost of living, 298, 466

COVID‐19 Emergency Response Bill 2020, prin, 785


Ginninderra electorate, 728qn

Motorcycle gangs, 420q

Outlaw motorcycle gangs, 410q

Sexual assault, 36q

Crimes (Sentence Administration) Act, intensive correction orders review report, 432m

Emergency services, procedures, 497q


Noise complaints, 881qn

Platypus population, 853qn

State of the environment 2019, report, 275m

Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

Employment data, 323qn

Firefighters, 890qn

Financial Management Act, consolidated financial report for the December 2019 quarter, 269m

Firearms Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 207

Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2019, 270m

Heritage Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 380

Johnstone, Ms LM, inquest into death, coroner's report and government response, 79m

Lawson, parking, 181

Legislative Assembly


COVID‐19 pandemic response, 780m

Education, Employment and Youth Affairs, 88m

Justice and Community Safety, 80m

Papers, 75, 267, 422, 777

Points of order, 151

Sitting pattern, amendment, 758m

Standing orders, suspension, 1m, 298m, 739m, 749m

Mental Health Act, review of the operation of mental health orders, 277m

Mental health, paramedic training, 676qn

Parking, mobility parking arrangements in the ACT, 551


Coombs peninsula, mnrs, 70, 152q, 172q

Coombs shops, 891qn

Development, 855qn

Planning and Development Act 2007

Variation No 355 to the Territory Plan, 86m

Variation No 360 to the Territory Plan, 83m

Variation No 367 to the Territory Plan, 81m

Unit Titles Legislation Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 396, detail, 399

Volunteering, 436

Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin, 519

Waste, Hume collection site, 369qn, 700qn

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