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ACT Health

Child sex offences, 1504q, 1736q

SPIRE project, 150q, 154q

Staff subsidies, 912qn

ACT Policing, motorcycle gangs, 1875qn

ACT Revenue Office, objections, 1439qn

Appropriation Bill 2019‐2020 (No 2), prin, 815


Home owners, 860qn

Non‐residential sites, 858qn

Ashford, Ms L, condolence, 1460

Budget, 2020‐2021 postponement, 1318, 1372, 1375, 1376, 1377

Bushfire and storm season, 5


Commercial rates, 763q

COVID‐19, 975q, 1069q, 1223q

Disaster recovery, 176

Canberra, Chinese community, 302

Canberra Health Services

Budget, 403q

Service improvements, 406q

Canberra Hospital

Radiology department, 909qn, 1152qn

Staffing, 1150qn

Visiting medical officers, 911qn

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, staffing, 1437qn, 1734q

Cost of living, 453m, 471

COVID‐19 Emergency Response Bill 2020, prin, 780, detail, 805

COVID‐19 Emergency Response Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1011, detail, 1023

COVID‐19 Emergency Response Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 (No 2), prin, 1487

Deane, Mr D, tribute, 561

Education Directorate, staffing, 1806qn

Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 1537, detail, 1543

Emergency services, COVID‐19, 973q

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1322

Foskey, Dr D, condolence, 924


Consultants and contractors, 1864qn, 1866qn

Contracts, 1815qn

COVID‐19 plan, 1244m, 1260

Essential services, 771q

Land release, 1444qn

Mingle program expenditure, 487q

Priorities 2020, 67

Promotional materials, 1872qn, 1873qn

Rates assistance, 906qn

Revenue, 710qn, 717qn

Health, public health directions, 1233q

Homelessness, COVID‐19, 1807qn


Emergency department data, 972q

Outsourced procedures, 907qn


Affordability, 480q, 482q, 1756m, 1768

Community, 1328q

Concessions, 771q

Residential rates, 1093m, 1098

Specialist waiting lists, 1335q


Affordability, 1636m, 1645

Sales, 608q, 610q, 629q

Legislative Assembly

Committees, COVID‐19 pandemic response, 761, 954m, 1050, 1212m, 1480

Ngunnawal language, 1702

Points of order, 155, 245, 482, 483, 493, 763, 1233, 1254, 1331

Travel by members, 1438qn

Warnings, 493

Motor Accident Injuries Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 298

Motor vehicles, insurance, 713qn

Multicultural affairs, mother languages, 668

Municipal services

Invasive tree roots, 245q

Trees, 1227q

Parking, revenue, 1878qn


Gassless suburbs, 862qn

Master plans, 1617q

Public housing, CCTV cameras, 1494q

Rates Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 750

Rates, deferrals, 1438qn

Roads, speed cameras, 1812qn

Salthouse, Ms S, condolence, 1706


Attendance during the COVID‐19 pandemic, 994

Costello review, 1630q

COVID‐19, 964q

Loss of income, 1325q

Somes, Mr M, condolence, 1455

Sport, COVID‐19, 1080q


Commercial property rates, 712qn

Rates, 718qn, 1511m, 1520

Tourism, COVID‐19, 773q

Transport Canberra

Fare evasion, 703qn

Network 19, 35q, 43q

Patronage, 706qn

Trees, proposed planting program, 1360

Vehicles, registration, 1877qn

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