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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 13 Hansard (29 November) . . Page.. 5218 ..


a) Yes.

b) Three.

8) There is no minimum requirement.


a) Two registrars completed training in August 2018.

b) There is a recruitment process underway to fill any vacant position ready for the start of the training program in 2019.

Government—directorate staffing (Question Nos 1755-1785 and 1787-1793)

Miss C Burch asked the Chief Minister; the Minister for Social Inclusion and Equality; the Minister for Planning and Land Management; the Minister for Justice, Consumer Affairs and Road Safety; the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development; the Minister for the Environment and Heritage; the Minister for Housing and Suburban Development; the Minister for Mental Health; the Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability; the Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence; the Minister for Health and Wellbeing; the Minister for Tourism and Special Events; the Minister for Trade, Industry and Investment; the Minister for Higher Education; the Minister for Medical and Health Research; the Minister for Transport; the Minister for Vocational Education and Skills; the Minister assisting the Chief Minister on Advanced Technology and Space Industries; the Minister for the Arts and Cultural Events; the Minister for Building Quality Improvement; the Minister for Business and Regulatory Services; the Minister for Seniors and Veterans; the Minister for Corrections and Justice Health; the Minister for Disability; the Minister for Children, Youth and Families; the Minister for Employment and Workplace Safety; the Minister for Government Services and Procurement; the Minister for Urban Renewal; the Minister for City Services; the Minister for Community Services and Facilities; the Minister for Roads; the Speaker; the Treasurer; the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs; the Attorney-General; the Minister for Police and Emergency Services; the Minister for Multicultural Affairs; the Minister for Sport and Recreation and the Minister for Women, upon notice, on 21 September 2018 (redirected to the Chief Minister):

(1) For each directorate and agency for which the Minister is responsible, what is the total number of (a) allegations, (b) investigations and (c) adverse findings related to staff misconduct or poor behaviour during each financial year from 2007-08 to date, broken down by category of complaint, including but not limited to (i) bullying, (ii) harassment (iii) sexual harassment and (iv) any other relevant category of complaint.

(2) In relation to each category of complaint identified in part (1) (a) allegations, (b) investigations and (c) adverse findings what were the ACTPS classifications for each employee making the allegations, and each employee against whom allegations were made during each financial year from 2007-08 to date.

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