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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 8 Hansard (15 August) . . Page.. 2967 ..

with a disability. Despite many attempts from you and officials to identify what that funding would actually fund and cover, you could not answer the question in any detail. Minister, can you now provide to the Assembly details of exactly what this $23.2 million will cover and how it will support students with a disability?

MS BERRY: Yes, I can refer the member to the responses that were provided during estimates. I thought that education officials and I did respond to the questions that were asked by the member opposite. If there is any more detail that I can provide I will take the rest of the question on notice and do that.

MS LEE: Minister, how was the amount of $23.2 million over four years arrived at?

MS BERRY: There is some detail that goes into the calculation for support for students with disabilities. I can provide that information in more detail to the chamber.

MR MILLIGAN: Minister, how does the $23.2 million relate to the average cost per student that was published on page 15 of budget paper F?

MS BERRY: I am sorry, Madam Speaker; I was not paying much attention to that question. I might have to ask Mr Milligan to repeat it for me.

MR MILLIGAN: For a second time: how does the $23.2 million relate to the average cost per student that was published on page 15 of budget paper F?

MS BERRY: The calculations on funding for students with disabilities are based on the needs-based funding formula. That work is still being considered nationally, and nationally there is modelling being developed to make sure that the best funding is provided based on need. It is about the way that data is collected from students who are going to school and have different needs. That is the information that is used to inform the funding.

Budget—assistance for veterans and seniors

MS CODY: My question is to the Minister for Veterans and Seniors. Can the minister please outline how this year's budget is supporting veterans and seniors in the ACT?

MR RAMSAY: I thank Ms Cody for the question and for her clear interest in our veterans and seniors communities.

I am pleased to say that the government is continuing to grow the services and supports for these two important and distinct groups in the Canberra community. In this budget we have doubled the funding for the social inclusion grants in this portfolio, allowing us to now run two separate, large grants rounds: one specifically for seniors and one for veterans. I look forward to launching these grants rounds later this month.

We have also provided $640,000 over four years to fund a seniors rights service in Legal Aid. This service will be established as a specialist legal service within Legal

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