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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 4 Hansard (12 April) . .

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(3) 2015-16 13 2016-17 5 2017-18 3

(4) A variety of enforcement actions have been taken after investigation, including issuing a tree direction letter, issuing a caution letter and providing a brief of evidence to the Director of Public Prosecutions for consideration.

Planning—grants to supermarkets (Question No 1009)

Ms Le Couteur asked the Minister for Planning and Land Management, upon notice, on 23 February 2018:

(1) In relation to changes in government requirements for supermarkets, why have two sites been sold, one in Wright and one in Coombs, about 100 metres apart with the Coombs site being limited to 1000 square metres and the Wright site 1500 square metres.

(2) Is work taking place to address this anomaly.

(3) What requirements does the Government have to ensure that supermarkets and commercial sites are built on and opened in a reasonable time so as to serve their local community.

(4) What options does the Government have to ensure that commercial sites which are no longer being used for their lease purpose clauses are required to fulfil their lease purpose clauses.

Mr Gentleman: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Planning for new greenfield residential areas is informed by a commercial retail needs assessment to identify the number, type, size and general location of commercial centres. This assessment is based on the suburb or district's projected total population, demographic profile and dwelling type and mix.

The Coombs local centre site was sold in March 2015 for retail development, including a supermarket. There was a mandatory requirement for a supermarket to be provided within the CZ4 zoned Coombs local centre.

The Wright site was sold at public auction in December 2017 having been held back within the Land Release Program to allow the Coombs local centre time to establish. The site was marketed as a mixed residential (106 to 158 apartments) and hotel development opportunity by the Suburban Land Agency. The lease and land use zone permit a number of uses including a shop limited to 1,500m2 gross floor area.

(2) It is expected that the Coombs local centre will soon open to service the needs of the local community. The lease for the Wright site (block 1, section 38) has just commenced and a development proposal has yet to be lodged.

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