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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 4 Hansard (12 April) . .

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what real value there was in battery investment at this time even with a subsidy, given that batteries have a limited operating time. These are the bread-and-butter issues facing Canberrans. They want to understand the future options for energy supply and what the cost implications are. And ACT consumers do not want to be hoodwinked again like they were on the phoney assurances about rate rises.

Turning to some of the issues that the minister raised in his speech, at no point yesterday or at any other time did I urge the minister to sign up blindly to the NEG. I have never once said that. I think that what we can say for certain is that in this place all of us from all sides of the chamber have the best interests of the ACT and the Canberra people at heart. That is, I think, what we can agree on.

My reference to the minister's being reckless was about his words threatening to boycott this national energy guarantee. If, as the minister says, the energy in its current form is only to satisfy what he says is the recalcitrant backbench who thinks climate change is crap then why are they not jumping up and down for joy about it?

MADAM SPEAKER: Ms Lee, can you withdraw the word "crap"?

MS LEE: I do realise that but the minister said it as well.

MADAM SPEAKER: I did not hear it and if I had—

MS LEE: I withdraw.

MADAM SPEAKER: Thank you. A warning to you then, Mr Rattenbury.

MS LEE: Sorry, Madam Speaker. I was quoting the minister. I do acknowledge and welcome the minister's words today. I think that in his speech that he has just delivered I have heard more from him in a conciliatory tone when talking about the energy than I have ever heard. I understand that he went on Sky earlier today and said, "The ACT will stay at the table until a deal can be reached." That is a much better position than he has previously stated. This was why, yesterday, before he said those words, I was urging him to ensure that he does what is in the best interests of the ACT and the nation as a whole when it comes to the future of climate change.

MR GENTLEMAN (Brindabella—Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Minister for Planning and Land Management and Minister for Urban Renewal) (11.58): I rise to make a few points in support of the motion that my colleague Mr Rattenbury has moved. In response to Ms Orr's motion yesterday I set out the long and proud history of the Labor Party's enactments to limit global warming. The reality is that in order for the Turnbull government to meet its Paris obligations we will need to reduce the emissions in our electricity sector, and the cheapest and most efficient way to do this is by supporting renewable energy and by not opposing renewables.

Madam Speaker, you would of course recall Minister Corbell's statement on our climate adaption strategy:

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