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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 4 Hansard (11 April) . .

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To address this concern and specifically Mrs Dunne's question, on Tuesday, 10 April, that is, yesterday, ACT Together issued a statement to all carers to clarify the detail of the discussion that occurred at the information session and to emphasise their commitment to pursuing permanency when it is in the best interests of the child to do so. I understand that ACT Together has also responded to questions from the Foster Care Association, providing the same advice. I hope these communications have provided clarity to all those involved.

I note that Mrs Kikkert has also emailed me seeking further detail related to my response in the chamber yesterday. I will provide that further information to Mrs Kikkert as soon as possible.

Answer to question without notice


MR HANSON: On 22 March I asked Mr Gentleman a question regarding the plans to amalgamate blocks 23 and 24 of section 31 O'Malley. The minister said that he did not have information in front of him but said, "As soon as I can get some information I will bring it back to the chamber." That is now three weeks ago, and I am just wondering whether the minister has that information or, if not, when he will be bringing that information back to the chamber, given he said he would bring it back as soon as he had the information.

MR GENTLEMAN: I will take the comment on notice and come back to the chamber with the answer.

Renewable energy targets

Debate resumed.

MR RATTENBURY (Kurrajong—Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability, Minister for Justice, Consumer Affairs and Road Safety, Minister for Corrections and Minister for Mental Health) (3.23): I am pleased that Ms Orr has brought this motion forward today. It is a terrific opportunity to talk about some very important issues, both in terms of climate change policy and also in terms of future energy policy for the ACT.

As Ms Orr's motion reflects, the ACT is a world leader in action on climate change, with some of the most ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets in the country, the equal first of any region in the world. To achieve these ambitious emission reduction targets, as members who were here last term will recall, we legislated the 100 per cent renewable electricity target by 2020 and then ran a series of innovative reverse auctions between 2012 and 2016. These have resulted in the ACT not only procuring adequate energy to meet that target, but procuring it at some of the most competitive prices ever seen, in a way that locks in energy prices over 20 years and provides ACT consumers with a cost-effective model for achieving ambitious greenhouse gas reductions and also excellent economic development opportunities for the territory.

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