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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 3 Hansard (22 March) . .

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Leave granted.

MR RATTENBURY: I withdraw the amendment circulated in my name this morning.

MR WALL (Brindabella) (4.30), by leave: I brought a motion to the Assembly today to seek to establish a privileges committee to inquire into the actions of the Chief Minister, Mr Barr, during the economic development and tourism committee's annual report hearings in November of last year. The purpose of that was to inquire into whether or not the Chief Minister's comments constituted a breach of the standing orders. But it seems from discussion with colleagues during the day that there is more of an appetite to resolve this matter today than there is to establish a privileges committee. Therefore, I move:

Omit all words after "That", substitute:

(1) Standing order 277(a) states that:

A person shall not, improperly interfere with the free exercise by the Assembly or a committee of its authority, or with the free performance by a Member of the Member's duties as a Member.

(2) Standing order 277(b) states that:

A person shall not, by fraud, intimidation, force or threat of any kind, by the offer or promise of inducement or benefit of any kind, or by other improper means, influence a Member in the Member's conduct as a Member or induce a Member to be absent from the Assembly or Committee.

(3) At the Committee hearing of Economic Development and Tourism Committee hearing of the following exchange occurred:

Mr Hanson: I am the chair of this committee.

Mr Barr: For the time being, yes.

Mr Hanson: Oh, is that a threat?

Mr Barr: It is, yes.

Mr Hanson: You're making a threat to me?

Mr Barr: I am, yes.

(4) This Assembly finds the Chief Minister in breach of the standing orders.

(5) The Chief Minister withdrew his comments in the Assembly on the 22nd March 2018.

(6) This finding be referred to the Administration and Procedure Committee to consider any further action on this matter.

(7) Administration and Procedure Committee consider all other matters raised in this motion, or any other relevant matters, and that the Committee report back to the Assembly with recommendations on those matters.

The motion seeks to clarify what is expected of members under standing order 277(a) and 277(b). It notes the exchange between the Chief Minister and the chair of the committee. It makes the clear distinction that I think many of us in this place

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