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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 3 Hansard (22 March) . .

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(4) Who approved the Flags and Banners Operational Guidelines.

(5) When were the costs for hiring flags and/or banner poles last revised, who was involved in the last revision and were there provisions for community input in revising the costs.

(6) On average, how many people are required to undertake a flag and/or banner installation.

Mr Barr: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The answer to question (1) is provided in the attached table.

(2) The answer to question (2) is provided in the attached table.

(3) The guidelines were first issued in 2006 and were updated in 2012 to the current version.

(4) ACT Property Group.

(5) The hiring fees are reviewed at the beginning of each financial year by ACT Property Group. There is no provision for community input, the fees are based on cost recovery.

(6) Two.

(A copy of the attachment is available at the Chamber Support Office).

Asbestos—management issues (Question No 928)

Mr Coe asked the Minister for Planning and Land Management, upon notice, on 16 February 2018 (redirected to the Minister for Transport and City Services):

(1) What steps is the Government taking to maintain the asbestos dump at the old Mugga Quarry.

(2) Is the Government providing any funding to maintain the asbestos dump at the old Mugga Quarry; if so, provide a breakdown of this funding; if not, why not.

(3) Were the costs of the ongoing maintenance of the asbestos dump considered in the 2017-2018 Budget.

(4) Has the Government provided funding for any maintenance work at the asbestos dump; if so, outline and breakdown how this funding has been used; if not, why not.

(5) What are the short term and long term implications of maintaining the asbestos dump.

(6) Does the presence of the asbestos dump pose any health concerns for people in the old Mugga Quarry or surrounding regions; if so, outline the Government's plans to address these concerns; if not, outline the steps the Government has taken to ensure that the asbestos dump does not pose any health concerns.

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