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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 3 Hansard (22 March) . .

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(1) What is the ACT Government's policy on the vandalism of trees.

(2) How many instances of repeated or prolonged vandalism of trees has the ACT Government been made aware of over the last twelve months.

(3) How many specific instances of repeated or prolonged vandalism of (a) heritage or protected trees and (b) young trees in parks or verges in new suburbs.

(4) What enforcement actions have the ACT Government taken against tree vandalism in the last twelve months.

(5) Does the ACT Government undertake targeted education campaigns in tree vandalism hotspots on the repercussions of tree vandalism (for example, a letter to residents on a street with young verge trees on the heat island effect).

Ms Fitzharris: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) replaces vandalised trees that cannot be saved by formative pruning. TCCS will seek to prosecute offenders where sufficient evidence is available. Where vandalism is ongoing TCCS will only replace vandalised trees once.

(2) Approximately 100 developing trees were damaged by vandals during the past 12 months including several examples involving repeated vandalism.

(3) a) Nil examples on heritage or protected trees.

b) Some young trees near the playground in Fadden Pines and some trees in public open space near Griffith and Manuka shops and in Braddon have been repeatedly vandalised during the past year.

(4) No offenders have been identified so no enforcement action has been possible.

(5) TCCS has undertaken targeted awareness campaigns previously when vandalism hot spots have been identified. TCCS has used signage and letter box drops to bring issues to the attention of adjacent residents and media releases to bring issues to the attention of the wider community.

Motor vehicles—registration (Question No 922)

Ms Le Couteur asked the Minister for Regulatory Services, upon notice, on 16 February 2018 (redirected to the Treasurer):

(1) Does the ACT Government offer concessions on vehicle registration renewals to people on low-incomes; if so, what is the eligibility criteria for those concessions; if not, did the ACT Government at any point offer those concessions and why did they discontinue those concessions.

(2) Do any other states or territories offer concessions on vehicle registration renewals for people with a Centrelink Low-Income Health Care Card.

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