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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2018 Week 2 Hansard (21 February) . .

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At the moment the payment of the first home owners grant is a commonwealth requirement linked to the payment of GST to the states and territories. In order to progress this reform in a fiscally sustainable way, that requirement needs to be amended. I will work with my treasurer colleagues federally and at the state and territory level because we believe that, although the territory is relatively small nationally, we can have a big impact on reforming policy settings across the country to make them work better for first homebuyers.

Trade unions—memorandum of understanding

MS LAWDER: My question is to the Chief Minister. Chief Minister, consultation is currently underway on the secure local jobs package, which outlines the government's intent to enshrine in legislation many aspects of the memorandum of understanding between UnionsACT and the ACT government on the procurement of goods and services, known as the MOU. How will the secure local jobs package coexist with the MOU?

MR BARR: It will not. The secure local jobs package would supersede the MOU.

MS LAWDER: Chief Minister, what role will UnionsACT continue to have in the ACT government procurement process once the secure local jobs package is enacted?

MR BARR: UnionsACT, together with all other stakeholders in the procurement process, will continue to have a role, both as a consultative body and under any statutory requirements that are put in place by the Assembly.

MR WALL: Minister, what have been the key successes of the MOU with UnionsACT?

MR BARR: A deep engagement with the representatives of working people in this city; a voice for working people in the procurement of goods and services; and a very important opportunity for advice to government, particularly around the bad behaviour, poor practice and illegal activity that have occurred in a small segment of the business community in this city who have sought to sidestep their legal obligations in relation to both national and territory law.

Opposition members interjecting

MR BARR: The level and volume of interjection from those opposite are reflective of their dislike of the union movement and working people.

Opposition members interjecting

MR BARR: We get a "Hear, hear" from those opposite. Yes, your dislike of the union movement and working people is well understood by the union movement and working people in this city and has been confirmed again by those interjections this afternoon.

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