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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Agreement 2015‐2018, annual report 2018, mnst, 5053

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body report, psm, 69, psm, 2650

Agreement 2019‐28, 4286q

Child protection, 723q, 3309q

Cultural activity support, 832q

Cultural plan, 5336qn

NAIDOC Week, 4962q

National apology to the stolen generations, 10‐year anniversary, mnst, 23

Our Booris, Our Way

Interim report, psm, 3699

Review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children involved with child protection, mnst, 923

Project Booyah, 1320

Reconciliation Day, 497q, 1385q, 1500qn

Women, achievements, 2437

ACT Ambulance Service

Ambulance data, 3484

Charges, 4398qn

ACT Children and Young People Death Review Committee

Annual report, psm, 2096

Report, psm, 3093

ACT public service

Contractors, 3223qn, 3224qn, 3229qn, 3230qn

Disability employment, 4404qn

Anning, Senator F, first speech, 3024

Apollo 11 mission, 50th anniversary, 1221

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 3118, (Community Services Directorate), 3347

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre

Assault allegations, 1685q, 1807q

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, 5349qn

Foetal health, 1729

Headline indicators reports, psm, 4673

Staffing, 1381q, 1384q, 1963qn

Budget, disability services, 2090q

Carers, support services, 3075q

Carmichael, Mr L, tribute, 3371

Children and young people

A step up for our kids, out of home care strategy update, mnst, 1332, mnst, 4067

Abuse, 5347qn

Achievements, 1837

ACT children and young people's commitment 2015‐2025, mnst, 737

Adoptions, 1171q, 1269q, 4328qn

Blueprint for youth justice in the ACT 2012‐22, progress report, psm, 967

Care and protection, 399q

Child sexual abuse, 789

Children's rights, 4304

Disabled parents, 5265qn

Foster care, 1028qn, 3970

National Child Protection Week, 3970

National Children's Week, 4602

Official Visitor (Children and Young People), annual report 2017‐18, psm, 4482

Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1765, 2384

Community services

Community sector, government support, 607q

Outreach programs, 1460qn

Project funding, 4401qn

Yogie awards, 1320

Community Services Directorate, multicultural affairs, 3622qn

Crimes (Restorative Justice) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3673

Disability services

ACT government role, 4407qn

Disability recommendations, mnst, 1138

Disability services, grants, 4401qn

Funding, 3234qn

Government support, 4727qn

Grants, 1579q

Official Visitor (Disability Services), annual report 2017‐18, psm, 4480

Disability Services Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 4456, 4901

Domestic and family violence

Government initiatives, 1878qn

Report, 4211

Education, choice in education, 2662

Employment, inquiry into the extent, nature and consequence of insecure work in the ACT, mnst, 3887

Environment, bees, 1596

Freedom of speech in the workplace, 4488

Gallagher, Ms K, tribute, 1837

Federal government, territory rights, 3949


Carers strategy, 2695qn, 4074

Celebration of International Day of People with Disability, 4471q

Community organisations support, 2411q

Directorate integrity, 3147qn, 3151qn, 3166qn, 3168qn

Directorate staffing, 2770qn, 2772qn, 2773qn, 2774qn, 2775qn

Disability services, 954q, 3423q

Emergency relief and financial support services program, 2519q

Ethical contracting, 165q

Ethical procurement and employment practices, 515, 532

Freedom of information requests, 2746qn, 2748qn, 2755qn, 2756qn

Men's sheds, 1424qn

Portfolio priorities 2018, mnst, 251

Youth engagement, 425

Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2588, 2817, 4273, detail, 4278

Hackett Community Association, 4602


NeuroMoves, 899

Office for mental health, multicultural dimensions, 1396

Heritage protection, 1195


ACT housing strategy, 4435

Affordability, 891

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Nobel peace ride, 3914

Land, section 72, Dickson, 2691q

Legislative Assembly

Committees, Economic Development and Tourism, mnrs, 4105

Papers, 971, 2234, 2650, 3943, 4106, 5116

Points of order, 550, 2458, 3384, 4543

Rulings from the chair, 3432

Standing order 30, amendment, 1767m

Valedictory, 5196

Light rail, WorkSafe ACT notices, 397q

Lyneham Commons, 2904

Multicultural affairs

Australian Federation of Korean Communities, 2903

Community language grants program, 1459qn, 1877qn

Mother languages, 499q, 621q

Multicultural acceptance and community cohesion, 3547q

Multicultural framework, 2549

Policy framework, 728q

Translators and interpreters, 3620qn

Municipal services, libraries, 976

National disability insurance scheme

Transition, 315qn

Worker screening policy, 1059qn

National Multicultural Festival

Consultation, 55q, 1509qn

Participation, 1842qn

Preparations, 281q

Service of alcohol, 161q, 1794q, 3544q

Neighbour Day, 899

Planning, Yarralumla brickworks, 4038qn

Public Sector Workers Compensation Fund Bill 2018, prin, 4245, 4878

Refugees in the ACT, 944

Senior Practitioner Bill 2018, prin, 2171, 2622, detail, 2626

Trade unions

Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union, 3379, 3918q

Volunteers, ACT volunteering statement action plan 2018‐2021, mnst, 2155

Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2169, 2454

Work Health and Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 596

Work safety

Government priorities, 4655q

Review of work safety compliance, mnst, 4453

Young workers, 1803q

Workers' rights, mnrs, 4797

Workplace safety performance, mnst, 3269

Workplace Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 260, 765, detail, 769

WorkSafe ACT, holiday season activity, 5101q


Employment, workplace obligations, 308

National Youth Week, youth achievements, 1177q

Social participation, 2633q

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