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Call centre, 2284qn

Review of shopfront services, psm, 2227

Service delivery, 1914qn, 3615qn

Service enhancements, 1376q

Staffing, 3436q

Working with vulnerable people applications, 1496qn

ACT Architects Board, complaint, 1942qn

ACT public service, contractors, 3223qn, 3227qn, 3228qn

Anzac Day, 1734

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 3108, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate), 3131, (Community Services Directorate) 3341, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 3523


Art not apart festival, rave party, 2261qn

Funding, 1583q

Minister's creative council, 3542q

Music engagement program, 279q

Auditor‐General's report No 5 of 2018, government response, psm, 2422

Budget, government investment, 3475


Code compliance, 3993qn

Quality, 3688q

Building and construction, penalties, 2269qn

Business, red tape reduction, 3928q

Canberra Theatre Centre, courtyard studio usage, 2267qn

Casino and Other Gaming Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1762, 2001

Casino Canberra, development proposal, 1684q

Chief Minister, censure, 686

Child sexual abuse, 800, 959q

Civil Law (Wrongs) (Child Abuse Claims Against Unincorporated Bodies) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3046 3955


Community contributions, 3427q, 3430q, 3431q, 3435q, 3438q, 3439q

Data collection, 1035qn

Diversification fund, 3425q

Community clubs, taxation, 2924

Construction industry regulation, 873

Construction measures, 2530q

Courts, building works, 2081q, 2795qn

Courts and Other Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 (No 2), prin, 3960

Courts and Other Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 (No 2), prin, 2586

Courts and Other Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 574, 757


Infringement notices, 3607qn

Motorcycle gangs, 273q, 720q, 3793q

Crimes (Fortification Removal) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 378

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (No 2), prin, 430, detail, 433, 436, 439

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3898

Director of Public Prosecutions

Staff, 1032qn

Strategic review, psm, 2225

Domestic and family violence

CALD community, 3621qn

Government initiatives, 323qn

Education, music education, funding, 3780


Lake Burley Griffin, 3074q, 3630qn

Pesticides, 1033qn


Consumer privacy, 1180q, 1268q

Gambling harm minimisation, mnst, 1133

Poker machines, 2515q


Clubs policy, 3924q

Directorate integrity, 3147qn, 3160qn, 3161qn

Directorate staffing, 2763qn, 2771qn, 2774qn

Freedom of information requests, 1929qn, 1932qn, 2328qn, 2747qn, 2752qn, 2753qn

Music grants, 1849qn

Revenue from greyhound racing, 1229

Seniors Week, 837q

Vehicle fleet, 2330qn

Veterans employment strategy, 504q

Will bank service, 1957qn

Greyhound racing

Government policy, 1797q

Transition package, 2201q, 2796qn

Harding, Mr M, tribute, 1198

Health, anti‐smoking measures, 1048qn

Hindmarsh, Mr J, tribute, 771


Land title searches, 2266qn

Multi‐unit complexes, 1039qn

Residential tenancy legislation reviews, 320qn

Industrial relations, work safety, 1793q


Magistrates, 1174q

Resourcing, 1374q, 2093q

Restorative, 613q

Suspended sentences, 343qn

Justice and Community Safety Directorate, workplace culture, 1175q

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 927, 1159

Land title system modernisation program, 2313qn

Legislative Assembly


2016 ACT Election and Electoral Act, mnrs, 1182

Papers, 294, 1811, 3940

Points of order, 600

Light rail, WorkSafe ACT notices, 489q, 620q

Municipal services

Amaroo, 1073qn

Belconnen, 1075qn

Bonner, 1076qn

Crace, 1077qn

Evatt, 1078qn

Fix my street portal, 1072qn

Forde, 1079qn

Franklin, 1080qn

Giralang, 1081qn

Gungahlin, 1081qn

Hall, 1082qn

Harrison, 1083qn

Jacka, 1084qn

Kaleen, 1085qn

Lawson, 1086qn

Local shopping precincts, maintenance, 3460

McKellar, 1086qn

Mitchell, 1087qn

Moncrieff, 1088qn

Ngunnawal, 1089qn

Nicholls, 1090qn

Palmerston, 1090qn

Throsby, 1091qn

National Multicultural Festival, service of alcohol, 283q, 1463qn

Ombudsman Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2185

Parking, infringements, 1866

Planning, zoning and lease conditions, 1056qn

Portfolio priorities 2018, mnst, 243

Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3507, 3667

Reducing gambling harm, mnst, 3498

Religion, freedom from religious discrimination, 297

Remonstrance, democratic rights of citizens of the ACT, 3064

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1760, 1993

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Government response, 400q

Redress scheme, 2410q

Seniors, rebate changes, 156q

Sport, powerboat permits, 1072qn

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3896

Territory rights, 3948

Trade unions, influence on government, 1676q


Electric cars, 2318qn

Reforms to the on‐demand transport industry in the ACT, mnst, 3649

Taxis, licences, 3795q

Water, Lake Burley Griffin, 658qn

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