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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Family services, 2961q

Reconciliation Day preparations, 1386q

ACT Ambulance Service, cardiac treatment, 3931q

ACT Emergency Services Agency, interstate assistance, 407q

ACT Health

Proposed organisational changes, 1163q

Workplace attraction strategy, 616q

ACT Policing, criminal gangs, 3079q

ACTION bus service, consultation, 3300q

Arts, minister's creative council, 3542q

Australian Space Agency, 2543


City services, 3685q

Community input, 3539q

Disability services, 2090q

Government investment, 3465m, 3480

Light rail, 2087q

Building, quality, 3688q

Bushfires, preparation, 3305q

Business, red tape reduction, 3929q

Chief Minister, Asia trade mission, 2533q

Childhood sexual abuse, redress scheme, 960q

City Renewal Authority, grants, 1181q

Clubs, diversification fund, 3425q

Council for the Australian Federation, ACT relationship, 393q

Crime, robbery, 3428q

Domestic and family violence, family safety hub, 2645q

Domestic Animals Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1148

Drugs, pill testing, 1788

Drugs of Dependence (Personal Cannabis Use) Bill 2018, expd, 3746

Eating disorder healthcare services, 2345, 2349

Economic growth, 447m, 466


Future strategy, 1576q

Government investment, 2128

Emergency services

Employment of women, 837q

Government support, 2012q

Staff wellbeing, 1371q


National energy guarantee, 2516q, 2849q

Policy, 1806q

Federal government

Budget, 1685q

Territory rights, 2685, 2847q


Community organisations support, 2411q

Disability services, 3424q

Ethical contracting, 166q

Ethical procurement and employment practices, 520

Initiatives, 1659

Office for LGBTIQ affairs, outcomes, 2641q

Seniors Week, 837q

Veterans employment strategy, 504q

Youth engagement, 427

Gungahlin, nurse‐led walk‐in centre, 3080q


Blood donation regulations, 1311

Childhood flu vaccination program, 961q

Meningococcal immunisation program, 502q

Nurse‐led walk‐in centres, 721q, 3791q

Homelessness, government policy, 166q

Hospitals, emergency departments, 2009q

Housing affordability, 881m, 896, 3789q

Legislative Assembly


Education, Employment and Youth Affairs, 366, 583, 700m, 1368, 1369, 1548m, 2178, 2363, 3908

Health, Ageing and Community Services, 3637

Privileges 2018, 1404

Public Accounts, 701m, 705

Light rail, stage 1 construction, 1254q, 2073

Molonglo Valley, recreation facilities, 719q

Planning, Curtin master plan, 1573q

Remonstrance, democratic rights of citizens of the ACT, 3095

Roads, traffic management study, 50q

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, redress scheme, 2411q


Go‐karting, 619q

International fixtures, 1792q


Economic impact, 1266q

International flights, 58q

Waste, green bins, 2959q

Youth, P‐plate driver restrictions, 3442

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