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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Agreement 2015‐2018, annual report 2018, 5055

Boomanulla Oval, 1477qn, 2788qn, 4790qn

Child protection, 725q

Cultural plan, 5336qn

Health services, 1801q

Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, 43q, 164q, 957q, 1264q, 4786qn

Programs, 3241qn, 3242qn

Reconciliation Day, 3240qn

Winnunga Nimmityjah, 30th birthday, 2240

Women, achievements, 2433

ACT Health

Proposed organisational changes, 2408q, 3541q

Workplace culture, 1575q, 3686q

ACTION bus service

Network, 2803

Route changes, 199

Timetable, 2987

Alexander Maconochie Centre

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees, 2786qn

Drugs, 276q

Governance, 486

Health services, 3245qn

Housing, 3244qn

Programs, 3239qn

Review, 2781qn

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, detail, (Health Directorate), 2841

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, staffing, 1382q


Childcare funding, 2078q

Pensioner concessions, 2969q

Canberra Hospital

Plumbing issues, 4473q

Radiology department, 2846q, 4850q


Gungahlin, 1863qn

Motorcycle gangs, 2644q

Statistics, 1169q

Yerrabi, 3082q


Cultural integrity program, 1478qn

Digital assessment tools, 3550q

Enrolment projections, 279q

Evonne Goolagong Foundation, 2028

Gaming Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 4864

Gungahlin, light rail impact, 4654q

Health system, 644

Lakes Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 585


Dickson purchase, 717q

Rural property acquisition, 825q, 2522q

Legislative Assembly

Standing orders, standing order 30, amendment, 1768

Valedictory, 4905

Light rail

Business impacts, 5356qn

Business link program, 2331qn

Employment, 953q

Gungahlin, 600q, 997, 4905

Mitchell, 502q, 2090q

Stage 1 construction, 1682q, 1831, 2058m, 2065

WorkSafe ACT notices, 397q

Municipal services

Amaroo, 1073qn

Belconnen, 1074qn

Bonner, 1075qn

Crace, 1077qn

Evatt, 1078qn

Fix my street portal, 1071qn

Forde, 1078qn

Franklin, 1079qn

Giralang, 1080qn

Gungahlin, 1081qn

Hall, 1082qn

Hall bike track, 5334qn

Harrison, 1082qn

Jacka, 1083qn

Kaleen, 1084qn

Lawson, 1085qn

McKellar, 1086qn

Mitchell, 1086qn

Moncrieff, 1087qn

Ngunnawal, 1088qn

Nicholls, 1089qn

Palmerston, 1090qn

Throsby, 1090qn

National Multicultural Festival, service of alcohol, 162q


Infringements, 1866

Palmerston, 5335qn


Moncrieff, 2785qn

O'Malley, 957q


Gundaroo Drive, 2852q, 5337qn

Gungahlin, 3551q

Projects, 3215qn

Safety, 1001qn

Schools, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, 1868qn, 1872qn


Australian Walking Festival, 2333qn

Diving, 1475qn, 3925q

Fencing, 2789qn

Ground maintenance, 1865qn, 2790qn, 4788qn

Gungahlin, sporting facilities, 612q

Indoor sports feasibility study, 4785qn

Night‐time events, 5097q

Ovals, 316qn, 5219qn

Powerboat permits, 1072qn

Taxation, unit rating system, 1372q


Connectivity, 1693

MyWay agents, 4559q

Parking, 2791qn


Bulk collection, 4964q

Smart bins, 1867qn

Women's and girls' sport, 743

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