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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, 958q

ACT Health

Data review, 1263q

Joint replacements, 4467q

Proposed organisational changes, 1173q

Workplace culture, 3694q

ACTION bus service

Consultation, 2851q

Free services, 3593qn

Route changes, 184m, 202

School services, 1285, 5094q

Timetable, 2950

Animals, pet ownership, 3920q

Anning, Senator F, first speech, 3029

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, detail, (Health Directorate), 2966, (Education Directorate), 2869, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate), 3289, (Community Services Directorate), 3344

Australian Labor Party, preselection, 2528q

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, staffing, 1383q

Budget, Canberra Institute of Technology, 2093q

Business, Fyshwick, 3234qn

Campbell Community Association, 3029

Canberra Hospital, accreditation, 831q

Childcare centres, 1472qn

Citizens juries, impartiality, 496q

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Principal Target) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3722

Clubs, community contributions, 3430q


Building works, 2081q

Heritage value, 4391qn

Disability services, funding, 3233qn

Disability Services Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 4899

Discrimination Amendment Bill 2018, detail, 4894

Economy, skilled migration, 3921q


Choice in education, 2651

Community schools, 4959q, 4967q

Digital assessment tools, 3549q

Disability funding, 2966q

Disruptive students, 4964q

Early childhood, 2303qn

Enrolment policy, 5105q

Enrolment projections, 159q, 277q, 726q, 1012qn

Future of education, 3037

Future strategy, 3311q

Gifted and talented program, 1936qn

Government investment, 2117

International students, 1852qn

Language education, 5013m, 5027

Literacy and numeracy, 4649q

Music education, funding, 3773m, 3801

Music H course funding, 5044


Results, 833q, 4096q

Survey, 1176q

Testing, 4325qn

Occupational violence, 4089q, 4091q

Reading proficiency, 161q

School crossing supervisor program, 1051qn

St Bede's Primary School, 901

Staff welfare, 4093q

Valuing teachers, 4111

Vocational, 2309qn

Education Directorate, communications, 4336qn


Emission reduction and renewable energy, 1360

Renewable energy targets, 1244


Carbon emissions, 1873qn

Elm leaf beetle, 1010qn

Golden sun moth habitat, 1468qn

Molonglo nature reserve, 1017qn


Bag ban, 4024qn

Single‐use plastics, 3709, 4565

Straws, 3927q, 3934q

Waste reduction, 5058

Weed management, 338qn

Federal government, territory rights, 3029


Conservation, 4664q

Environmental impact statement, 4548q, 4550q


Carers strategy, 2694qn

Fyshwick land sale, 507q

Vehicle fleet, 2690qn


Adult mental health unit, 2637q

Breast screening, 4282q

Health system, 640

Hydrotherapy, 4847q

Hospitals, discharge policy, 1581q

Justice, resourcing, 1375q


Dickson purchase, 951q

Molonglo stage 3, 2632q

Rural property acquisition, 2399q, 2522q

Sales, 2203q

Legislative Assembly

Answers to questions on notice, question No 1632, 3798, 3933


Administration and Procedure, 3515

Independent Integrity Commission 2018, 4626

Justice and Community Safety, 2806, 4423m, 4424, 4500, 4596, 4634

Justice and Community Safety (scrutiny role), 1125, 1587, 1965, 2361, 2805, 3637, 4423, refcom, 4117

Points of order, 278, 952, 2093, 2523, 3786, 3927, 4549, 4965, 5105

Valedictory, 5035

Light rail

Disability access, 2088q

Tree planting, 2301qn

Light Up Lyneham, 3029

Lunar new year, 564

Mental health, acute care capacity, 405q

Multicultural affairs

Australian Federation of Korean Communities, 2902

Mother languages, 499q

Municipal services

Drinking water stations, 4324qn, 4768qn

Libraries, 979

Local shopping precincts, maintenance, 3445m, 3463, 3627qn

Street sweeping, 1859qn, 2098m, 2110

Namadgi National Park, 4596, 3808

National disability insurance scheme

Transition, 315qn

Worker screening policy, 1058qn


Fyshwick, 3079q, 3235qn

Housing choices, 285q

Land use, 3232qn

Recycling facility, 1011qn

Yarralumla, 3135qn

Zoning and lease conditions, 1056qn

Remonstrance, democratic rights of citizens of the ACT, 3069


Resurfacing, 1007qn

Speed limits, 1019qn

Traffic management, 1844qn

Yarralumla, 615q

Royal Canberra Show, disability parking, 1471qn


Asbestos, 3783q, 4165q

CCTV trial, 1426qn

Composite model, 53q

English as an additional language, 4372qn, 4374qn, 4375qn

Harrison School, asbestos, 3728

Injuries, 5105q

Librarians, 2308qn

Libraries, 2307qn, 2310qn

Mobile phones, 54q

New South Wales students, 1054qn, 1055qn, 1062qn

Physical education, 4390qn

Safe and inclusive schools initiative, 2304qn

Social media, 1857qn

Swimming, 4003qn

Teacher numbers, 2304qn

Transportable classrooms, 1052qn, 1068qn, 1069qn, 1070qn

Underperformance, proposed inquiry, 3818m, 3833

Uniforms, 4004qn

Violence, 5258qn, 5267qn

Visits, 1205, 1618, 1736, 2236, 2677, 4118

Weston preschool, 1683q

Workplace safety, 4132m, 4146

WorkSafe investigation, 4170q

Senior Practitioner Bill 2018, prin, 2615


Athletics facilities, 4338qn

Diving, 3925q


Payroll tax waivers, 402q

Unit rating system, 1373q


Fyshwick waste to energy plant, 324qn

Lake Burley Griffin, 658qn

Management, 1006qn

Plastic waste reduction, 3399

Recycling, 1007qn, 1876qn

Strategy, 2306qn

Women, self‐defence, 775

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