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ACT Health

Office for mental health, 1378q

Proposed organisational changes, 2010q, 2209q

Workplace culture, 3685q

ACTION bus service, timetable changes, 2975

Animal Diseases Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2664


Dangerous dogs, 1696m, 1705, 1791q, 3489

Pet ownership, 3919q

Apollo 11 mission, 50th anniversary, 1213m, 1224, 1389

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, detail, (Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate), 2891, (Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate), 3332, (Community Services Directorate), 3352

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, part 1.4, statement by member, 3091

Australian Labor Party, preselection, 2629q


Brindabella electorate, 3573

Infrastructure, 2209q

Pensioner concessions, 2970q

Building, code compliance, 3992qn

Bush, Ms L, tribute, 3370

Business, development, 770

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, complaints, 1568q

Chief Engineer, proposed appointment, 2137m, 2142

Chief Minister, censure, 676

Chief Minister's Charitable Fund, Hands Across Canberra, 3536q

Children and young people

Care and protection, 399q

Greenway playground shade, 350

Citizens juries, process, 1170q

Clubs, community contributions, 3428q, 3435q

Community clubs, taxation, 2936

Community facilities in Page, 1124

Crime, infringement notices, 3606qn

Dementia Australia ACT, 1206

Domestic animal services

Dogs, 1253q, 3588qn, 3589qn, 3591qn, 3592qn, 3981qn, 3982qn, 3983qn

Rangers, 2085q

Staffing, 3984qn

Veterinary services, 3593qn

Domestic Animals (Dangerous Dogs) Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, expd, 3741

Domestic Animals Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1145

Education, gifted and talented students, 1799q

Energy, solar, 1863qn

Environment, bees, 1591

Fahey, Mr S, tribute, 2906

Gender in legislation and policy, 88


Commercial lessees, 1066qn, 1420qn

Free wi‐fi, 4022qn

Lease arrangements, 3991qn

Men's sheds, 1067qn, 1424qn, 2311qn

Reshuffle, 3294q

Health (Improving Abortion Access) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3849


Bulk billing, 3790q

Ministerial priorities, 46q

Heritage protection, 1186

Homelessness, government funding, 1379q


Homelessness, 52q

Social housing, 2488

Icon Water, water prices, 1474qn


Dickson land swap, 2395q, 2396q, 2518q

Dickson purchase, 713q, 714q, 821q

Legislative Assembly

Ministers, code of conduct, 506q

Travel by members, 652qn

Points of order, 156, 1675, 2010, 2207, 2984, 3087, 3435, 3920

Libraries, 972

Light rail, safety, 1179q

Mental health, staffing, 288q

Minister for Health and Wellbeing

Government confidence, 2855q

Motion of no confidence, 1534

Municipal services, 1426qn

Better suburbs 2030, 3646

Delivery, 2044

Fenced play spaces, 3634

Flood maps, 3601qn

Henry Rolland Park, 3994qn

Local shopping precincts, maintenance, 3458

Shopping trolleys, 3175qn

Street sweeping, 2107

Streetlights, 3086q, 3176qn

National Arboretum Canberra, events, 4021qn


Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1615

COTA men's shed, 1057qn

Curtin master plan, 44q

Urban renewal, 651qn

West Basin, 3608qn

Remonstrance, democratic rights of citizens of the ACT, 3061


Ashley Drive, 955q, 1674q, 2340qn, 3995qn

Coppins Crossing, 1064qn

Duplication costs, 3606qn

Mirrabei Drive, 3602qn

Monaro Highway, 3602qn

Resurfacing, 3604qn, 3990qn

Speed limits, 3604qn

Sulwood Drive, 3988qn

Traffic management, 3607qn, 3989qn

Ronald McDonald House fundraising ball, 1622

Seniors, rebate changes, 156q

Seniors Week, 994

Sport, squash, 1838

Stock Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2672


Payroll tax waivers, 401q

Unit rating system, 1370q

Trade unions

Influence on government, 3297q, 3307q

Memorandum of understanding, 494q


Connectivity, 1693

Light rail, 316qn

Ticketing, 3930q

Transport Canberra and City Services, staffing, 3177qn

Tuggeranong, town centre upgrade, 614q

Waste, illegal dumping, 3609qn


Support services, 807

Women's and girls' sport, 749

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