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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, child protection, 723q

Access Canberra, service delivery, 3615qn

ACT Health

CALD training, 2275qn

Cultural diversity, 4783qn, 4784qn, 5339qn, 5340qn, 5342qn

Cultural training, 4778qn

Interpreters, 5322qn

Policy framework, 5325qn

Proposed organisational changes, 1263q, 2084q

Workplace culture, 3689q

ACT public service, public interest disclosure, 2562

ACTION bus service

Routes, 200, 2335qn

School services, 4097q, 5344qn

Timetable, 2990

Anning, Senator F, first speech, 3026

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, detail, (Health Directorate), 2866, (Community Services Directorate), 3337

Arts, multicultural theatre, 5345qn

Australian Labor Party, conference, 3301q

Belconnen Community Service, 4216

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre

Assault allegations, 1685q

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, 5348qn

Foetal health, 1720m, 1732

Staffing, 1380q, 1384q, 2336qn


Childcare funding, 2079q

Rates, 3577

Canberra Hospital

Accreditation, 831q

Emergency waiting times, 4178q

Off‐site scan analysis, 3790q

Radiology department, 2407q, 2847q, 4850q

Carers, support services, 3074q

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children

Complaints, 1570q

Maintenance, 4840

Charnwood group centre recycling bins, 2804

Children and young people

Abuse, 5346qn

Adoptions, 1171q, 4327qn

Care and protection, 399q

Child sexual abuse, 784m, 802

Children's rights, 4307

Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2381

Clubs, community contributions, 3430q

Community services

Community facilities in Page, 1121, 1122

Outreach programs, 1460qn

Community Services Directorate

Data collection, 4779qn

Multicultural affairs, 3621qn

Crimes (Restorative Justice) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3671

Disability services, CALD support, 2272qn

Domestic and family violence

CALD community, 3620qn

Family safety hub, 4014qn

Government initiatives, 1878qn, 4008qn

Report, 4198m, 4214

Domestic Violence Crisis Service

Call centre, 4030qn

Staffing, 4030qn

Support visits, 4031qn

Economy, skilled migration, 3920q


Choice in education, 2659

Community schools, 4966q

Education, staff welfare, 4092q

Enrolment policy, 5105q

Government investment, 2122

Homestay program, 333qn

International students, 3869, 3870

Emergency services, communications, 3624qn

Energy, efficiency, 4778qn


CALD information, 2274qn

Single‐use plastic, 3713

Florey Neighbourhood Watch, 3733

Floriade, financial management, 2632q

Ginninderra Creek, flood mitigation, 1892qn


Conservation, 4664q

Environmental impact statement, 4550q


Agencies, cultural capability, 2278qn, 2281qn

Facilities booking system, 4001qn

Respect, equity and diversity training, 4782qn

Visa applications, 3624qn

Harmony Day, 897

Hawker Primary School fete, 1323


Blood donation, 3373

CALD support, 2273qn

Cancer patients, 956q

Office for mental health, multicultural dimensions, 1390

Outreach programs, 1458qn

Palliative care, 4775qn

Heritage protection, 1191


Equitable access, 2333qn

Government sales, 2523q

Legislative Assembly


End of Life Choices in the ACT, 2597

Health, Ageing and Community Services, 4803

Personal explanations, 624

Points of order, 162

Mental health

Efficiency targets, 2961q

Multicultural communities, 773

Occupational violence, 4284q

Office for mental health, 209

Multicultural affairs

ACT Telangana Association, 4599

Australia Colombia Friendship Association, 2579

Australian Anglo‐Indian Association ball, 2239

Back to your roots writing competition, 1200

Community languages, 1459qn

Community language grants program, 1876qn

Durga Puja, 4599

Framework 2015‐2020, 4822

Honorary ambassador program, 5324qn

India, Republic Day, 439

Languages policy, 5319qn

Miss Africa Canberra, 4708

Mother languages, 499q

Multicultural framework, 2545m, 2555

Samoan Independence Day, 2148

Translators and interpreters, 3620qn

Municipal services,

Fitness circuits, 4777qn

Local shopping precincts, 3461, 4361qn

National broadband network, local deployment, 657qn

National Multicultural Festival

Consultation, 55q

Costs, 4033qn

Participation, 1841qn

Service of alcohol, 100, 161q, 283q, 1463qn, 1794q, 3544q, 4035qn

Office of Multicultural Affairs, staffing, 4034qn

Ombudsman Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2181

Planning, flood maps, 4032qn

Refugees in the ACT, 943


Freedom from religious discrimination, 299

Ramadan, 2026


Accident black spots, 1465qn, 1466qn, 1467qn, 1883qn, 1884qn, 1885qn, 1886qn

Cycle lanes, 5320qn

Footpaths, 5321qn

Ginninderra Drive, 4327qn

Intersection upgrades site plan, 2271qn

Magrath Crescent, 5325qn

Planning, 338qn, 1464qn

Road safety, Belconnen, 534m, 546

Safety, 5351qn

Tillyard and Ginninderra drives, 3137qn

Traffic management, 1887qn, 1889qn, 1890qn, 1891qn


Cybersafety, 335qn, 1945qn

Underperformance, proposed inquiry, 3829

Senior Practitioner Bill 2018, prin, 2621

Sport, community participation, 3623qn

Trade unions, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, 617q

Transport, connectivity, 1685

Waste, plastic waste reduction, 3404


Government support, 4009qn, 4012qn

Office for women, 4011qn

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