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ACT Ambulance Service

Crews, 1473qn, 1474qn, 1862qn

Resourcing, 130m, 139, 143

Staffing, 311qn, 467m, 475, 659qn

ACT Policing

Firearms Consultative Committee, 2689qn

Recruitment, 1860qn

Staffing, 1862qn

Alexander Maconochie Centre

Detainee payments, 1013qn

Drugs, 276q

Email policy, 1013qn

Governance, 477m, 487

Mail policy, 46q

Visitor feedback, 1016qn

Visitor policy, 1014qn

Budget, playgrounds, 1042qn

Bushfires, warnings, 1480qn

Canberra Hospital, patient safety, 153q


ACT Crime Stoppers hotline, 1860qn

Motorcycle gangs, 720q

Robbery, 271q, 495q

Victim welfare, 394q

Firearms and Prohibited Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 30, detail, 37


Dickson purchase, 714q

Winslade purchase, 823q

Legislative Assembly


Justice and Community Safety, 367, 698

Justice and Community Safety (scrutiny role), 11, 365

Points of order, 273, 495, 610, 611, 724

Legislative Assembly, members, Jones, Mrs G, leave of absence, 3704

Monitoring of Places of Detention (Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture) Bill 2017, prin, 267

Municipal services, playgrounds, 1042qn, 1421qn, 1423qn

Parking, spaces, 1859qn

Public housing, Chapman, 602q, 606q

Rural fire services, radio network, 314qn

Torrens car park, 1841qn

Waramanga playground facilities, 856

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