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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, police apprehensions, 342qn

ACT Ambulance Service

Cardiac treatment, 3931q

Crews, 1473qn, 1474qn, 1862qn, 2319qn, 2740qn, 3611qn, 3998qn

Fees, 2321qn, 2322qn, 2324qn, 2325qn

Government support, 162q

Private ambulances, 2323qn

Recruitment, 2324qn

Resourcing, 134, 141

Response times, 2322qn

Staffing, 311qn, 471, 659qn, 660qn

Volunteers, 2323qn

ACT Emergency Services Agency

Interstate assistance, 407q

Workplace culture, 1167q

ACT Fire & Rescue, equipment, 2327qn

ACT Policing

Annual report 2016‐2017, corrigendum, psm, 2095

Controlled operations annual report 2016‐2017, corrigendum, psm, 3939

Firearms Consultative Committee, 2689qn

Gun ownership, 3239qn, 3612qn

Overtime, 2327qn

Recruitment, 1860qn, 2326qn

Resourcing, 1373q

Staffing, 1862qn

Wall to Wall fundraising ride, 3971

ACT public service, contractors, 3221qn, 3224qn, 3226qn, 3231qn

Aged care, proposed Kingston nursing home, mnrs, 2347

Agriculture, Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri‐Technology, 3796q

Animal Diseases Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2159, 2668

Apollo 11 mission, 50th anniversary, 1217

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, detail, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate), 3282, (Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate), 3287

Asbestos, property sales, 1097qn

Asbestos‐related works across Canberra, mnst, 2813

Auditor‐General's Report No 3 of 2018, government response, psm, 2228

Australian Space Agency, 2540

Baker, Dr J AO, OBE, condolence, 349


Brindabella electorate, 3579

Infrastructure, 2796qn

Building, code compliance, 2635q, 2639q

Building and Construction Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 368

Building regulatory reforms, update, psm, 2224


Bushfire season 2018‐19, mnst, 3266

Controlled burns, 2741qn, 3996qn

Preparation, 3305q

Warnings, 1480qn

Canberra Institute of Technology, annual report 2017, psm, 1388

Car park closure in O'Malley, 1543

Chief Engineer, proposed appointment, 2139

Chief Minister, censure, 687

Construction industry regulation, 865


ACT Crime Stoppers hotline, 1861qn

Antisocial behaviour, 2254qn

Gangs, 949q

Gungahlin, 1863qn

Motorcycle gangs, 403q, 1510qn, 2642q, 2644q, 2647q, 3629qn

Robbery, 270q, 495q, 1510qn, 3428q

Statistics, 1169q

Victim welfare, 394q, 509q, 606q

Crimes (Fortification Removal) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 375

Dangerous driving in Gordon, mnrs, 8

Drugs, pill testing, 1811

Emergency services

Communications, 1672q, 2343qn, 3624qn

Employment of women, 836q

Government support, 2012q

Recruitment, 2525q

Staff wellbeing, 1371q


Efficiency, 2575

Emission reduction and renewable energy, 1362

National energy guarantee, 2607

Renewable energy targets, 1251


Aquatic and riparian strategy, 507q

Bees, 1594

Golden sun moth habitat, 1468qn

Molonglo nature reserve, 1017qn

Mugga, Isaacs and Tralee, 341qn

Pesticides, 660qn

Plastic straws, 3927q

Superb parrot habitat, 662qn

Weed management, 339qn

Weed trees, 1023qn

Firearms and Prohibited Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 34, detail, 37

Gallagher, Ms K, tribute, 1740


City and gateway strategy, 725q

Directorate integrity, 3141qn, 3149qn, 3155qn, 3156qn

Directorate staffing, 2760qn, 2762qn, 2765qn

Firearms amnesty, 3998qn

Freedom of information requests, 2744qn, 2747qn, 2750qn

Fyshwick land sale, 506q, 1119qn

Heritage grants, 1261q

Initiatives, 1657

Rural assistance, 2857q

Space industry policy, 3695q

Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Amendment Bill 2018, refcom, 2610, 2626

Gungahlin strategic assessment, audit, psm, 2231

Heritage, Lake Burley Griffin and surrounds, mnrs, 692

Heritage protection, 1188


ACT housing choices collaboration hub, mnst, 3883

Housing choices, 1680q, 2637q

Icon Water, contracts with ActewAGL, order to table, 3905m

Lakes Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 590, detail, 593


Block 6, Dickson, 1947qn

Block 27 Lyneham, 2271qn

Block 30 Dickson, 2293qn

Dickson purchase, 717q, 952q

Molonglo stage 3, 2632q, 2647q, 3944

Rural property acquisition, 2522q, 2647q, 4037qn

Sales, 2204q, 2797qn

Sections 74 and 76 Watson, 3422q

Legislative Assembly


Administration and Procedure, 367, 2626m

Environment and Transport and City Services, 414

Estimates 2018‐2019, 964m

Justice and Community Safety, 582, refcom, 3891m

Planning and Urban Renewal, 626, 703, mnrs, 2096, mnrs, 2861

Privileges 2018 (No 2), 1776

Members, leave of absence, 2181m

Ministerial arrangements, 3918

Papers, 67, 71, 294, 413, 735, 1185, 1585, 1811, 2024, 2225, 2422, 2424, 2861, 2865, 3559, 3704

Points of order, 160, 486, 601, 618, 718, 769, 959, 1384, 1664, 2475, 2598, 3003, 3301, 3302, 3381, 3427, 3721

Rulings from the chair, 3006

Sitting pattern 2019, 3509m

Standing orders, suspension, 1342m, 1966m, 2817m

Light rail, safety, 2974q

Minister for Planning and Land Management, Europe delegation, 609q

Ministerial delegation to the USA and American Planning Association study tour, mnst, 2376

Molonglo Valley, shopping facilities, 4037qn

Motor Accident Injuries Bill 2018, expd, 3891

Municipal services

Car park closure in O'Malley, 107

Flood maps, 3601qn

Libraries, 3210qn

Namadgi National Park, feral horses, 3814

National broadband network, local deployment, 658qn


Affordable housing, 152q, 293q

Call‐in powers

Block 6 section 79, Giralang, psm, 2648

Block 15 section 15, Griffith, psm, 2421

Civic, 392q

Community facility zoning, 3214qn

Curtin master plan, 43q, 1572q

Development applications, 2628q, 4029qn

Draft variation 344 to the Territory Plan, mnrs, 350

Easements, 1917qn

Entertainment precincts, 1370q

Flood maps, 4033qn

Fyshwick, 3080q, 4037qn

Giralang shops, 3601qn

Grants to supermarkets, 1449qn

Housing choices, 149q, 285q

Land use, 1799q, 2792qn

Lease variations, 340qn, 341qn

Manuka Oval, 1030qn, 1031qn

Murrumbidgee Country Club, 4006qn

Oaks Estate, 4029qn

O'Malley, 957q, 1513qn

Recycling facility, 490q, 1011qn, 1119qn

Red Hill natural environment, mnrs, 11

Territory Plan, 2004q, 2794qn

Urban renewal precincts, 122

Woden, 3308q, 3536q, 4038qn

Yarralumla brickworks, 3078q

Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1339, 1615

Planning and Development Act

Variation No 329 to the Territory Plan, psm, 2861

Variation No 344 to the Territory Plan, psm, 2863

Planning and Development Act 2007

Variation No 352 to the Territory Plan, psm, 67

Variation No 356 to the Territory Plan, psm, 3939

Portfolio priorities 2018, mnst, 19

Public housing, Chapman, 611q

Recycling, demolition material, 2265qn

Remonstrance, democratic rights of citizens of the ACT, 3096


Accident black spots, 3189qn

Ashley Drive, 2792qn

Projects, 3216qn

Safety, 4005qn

Yarralumla, 615q

Rural fire services

Funding, 2320qn, 3610qn

Molonglo, 1802q, 2793qn

Radio network, 315qn

Stock Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2163, 2674

Trade unions, Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union, 3385

Transport, parking, 2791qn

Troy, Professor P, tribute, 2582

Water, ACT and Region Catchment Management Coordination Group, annual report 201718, psm, 3698

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