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Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders

Health services, 1802q

Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, 43q, 164q, 957q, 1115qn, 1264q

ACT Health

Accreditation update, mnst, 1971

Audit report, 1001qn

CALD training, 2276qn

Conferences and seminars, 1414qn

Consultants, 2248qn

Data review, 1263q, 2263qn, 3549q

FOI requests, 1469qn

Former director‐general, 1260q

Governance, 1574q, 2007q, 3753, perexp, 3769

Hospital capacity, 152q, 1116qn

Invoices, 1002qn, 1413qn

Leadership, 3788q

Opioid treatment guidelines, 618q, 621q

Outcomes of the ACT Health system‐wide data review, mnst, 3260, 3266

Proposed organisational changes, 1163q, 1173q, 1256q, 1259q, 1677q, 1679q, 2082q, 2084q, 2209q, 3541q, 4021qn

Records, 3921q

SPIRE project, 828q, 2250qn

Staffing, 2736qn

System‐wide data review, quarterly update, mnst, 572, 1748

Treatment delays, 155q

Update on ACT Health transition and Australian Council on Healthcare Standards accreditation, mnst, 3251, 3259

Workplace attraction strategy, 615q

Workplace culture, 1575q, 2206q, 3680q, 3685q, 3686q, 3689q, 3690q, 3691q, 3693q, 3694q

ACTION bus service

Breakdowns, 1442qn

Bus routes in Tuggeranong, mnrs, 692

Bus shelters, 320qn

Carbon neutral vehicles, 264q

Consultation, 3299q

Costs, 1912qn

Deakin, Kingston and Manuka, mnrs, 7

Disability access, 1105qn

Fares, 1101qn

Fleet, 1100qn

Free services, 1447qn, 3594qn

Government investment, mnst, 3493

Network, 1444qn, 2801, 3594qn

Patronage data, 1955qn

Performance, 1439qn

Performance data, 2293qn

Pets, 1253q, 1962qn

Repairs, 1911qn

Route changes, 188

Routes, 2282qn, 2335qn

School services, 1279, 2285qn

Staffing, 1103qn, 1438qn, 1895qn

Timetable, 1166q

Timetable changes, 2978

Xpresso services, 2395q, 3247qn, 3595qn


Domestic animals, services management and staff resources, psm, 3091

Dangerous dogs, mnrs, 10, 1701, 1791q, 1807q, 2855q

Poultry industry code, 1027qn

Apprenticeships and traineeships, mnst, 2151

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, detail, (ACT Local Hospital Network), 2818, (Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate), 2881, (Canberra Institute of Technology), 3356

Asbestos, management issues, 1046qn


Canberra Institute of Technology, 2093q, 2795qn

Health funding, 2200q

Infrastructure, 2207q

Light rail, 2086q

Playgrounds, 1042qn

Calvary Hospital, alleged bullying, 1578q

Canberra Hospital

Accident and emergency procedures, 3312q, 4038qn

Accreditation, 831q, 1108qn, 1582q, 1680q, 2344qn

Alert levels, 1005qn

Asbestos, 500q

Bed occupancy rates, 1417qn, 1419qn, 2249qn

Building works, 2244qn

Drinking water, 1845qn

Equipment, 3980qn

Infrastructure, 829q

Off‐site scan analysis, 3791q

Patient flow management, 312qn

Patient safety, 153q, 1116qn

Radiology department, 2403q, 2405q, 2407q, 3013, 3629qn, 4036qn

Shooting, 3975qn

Canberra Institute of Technology

Freedom of information request, psm, 734

Heart health program, 3977qn

Tuggeranong car park lighting, 662qn, 663qn

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children

Complaints, 1568q, 1570q, 1571q

Upgrade program, 2964q, mnst, 3039

Chief Health Officer's report 2018, psm, 2415

Clubs, community contributions, 3434q

Community facilities in Page, mnrs, 2348

Community services, mothers' groups, 1431qn

Domestic animal services

Dogs, 1254q, 1961qn, 3588qn, 3589qn, 3590qn 3591qn, 3593qn, 3981qn, 3982qn

Rangers, 1024qn, 2085q

Veterinary services, 3593qn

Domestic Animals Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 926, 1152

Drugs, pill testing, 1264q, 1785, 3681q

Education, school crossing supervisor program, 1051qn


Elm leaf beetle, 1010qn, 1448qn

Nature strip guidelines, 340qn

Peacocks, 3552q

Trees, protection, 1448qn

Ginninderra Creek, flood mitigation, 1893qn


Directorate integrity, 3170qn, 3172qn, 3174qn

Directorate staffing, 2771qn, 2776qn, 2780qn

Freedom of information requests, 2757qn, 2758qn, 2759qn

Meetings, 3981qn

Ministerial delegation to New Zealand, mnst, 3878

Notifiable invoices, 1470qn, 2257qn, 3585qn

Greyhound racing, draft code of practice, 1256q, 1961qn, 1962qn

Gungahlin, construction activities, business impact assessment, psm, 3936


Blood donation regulations, 1308

Budget, 1002qn

Bulk billing, 3790q

CALD support, 2274qn

Cancer patients, 956q, 1512qn, 2341qn

Cancer treatment, 1923qn

Childhood flu vaccination program, 961q

Communications, 1846qn

Contraception, 714q, 1511qn

Elective surgery, 39q

Health system, 637

Investment and planning, 179

Medical staff, 290q

Meningococcal immunisation program, 501q

Methadone overdose statistics, 1416qn

Ministerial priorities, 46q

Multicultural health policy unit, 2735qn

Nurse‐led walk‐in centres, 40q, 721q, 3791q

Outreach programs, 1458qn

Report on government services, 47q

Reproductive health products and advice, access, 2916

Waiting times, 314qn

Withdrawal of codeine‐based medicines, 1004qn

Health (Improving Abortion Access) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3836, detail, 3854

Homelessness, abandoned belongings, 1456qn


Alert system, 2255qn

Bullying, 2209q

Discharge policy, 1581q

Emergency departments, 2008q

Emergency incidents, 4002qn

Governance, 1634

Waiting times, 1565q, 1567q, 2085q, 2343qn

Legislative Assembly

Answers to questions on notice, question No 1632, 3798


Environment and Transport and City Services, 965m

Independent Integrity Commission 2018, 2077m

Papers, 626, 965, 2024, 2095, 3315

Personal explanation, 622, 2994

Points of order, 272, 610, 617, 3257

Questions on notice, costs, 1935qn

Standing orders, standing order 47, 2994

Libraries, 980

Light rail

Business link program, 2331qn

Contracts, 1434qn

Disability access, 2088q, 2340qn

Employment, 953q

Gungahlin, 599q

Infrastructure damage, 490q, 1446qn

Local employment, 1514qn

Mitchell, 503q, 2089q

Mitchell light rail stop, 691, 695

Mitchell stop, 3031

Operations, 2409q

Payments, 1444qn

Safety, 1179q

Staffing, 1433qn

Stage 1, 1254q, 1445qn

Stage 1 construction, 1682q, 2063

Stage 2, 1435qn, 1672q

Tree planting, 2301qn

Workplace safety, 492q

Marriage, same‐sex marriage, public artworks, 329qn

Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1754, 2197

Mental health, office for mental health, 216

Minister for Health and Wellbeing

Meetings, 3626qn

Motion of no confidence, 1520

Municipal services

Delivery, 2047

Dickson, 343qn, 344qn

Giralang nature play park, 3432q

Greenway playground shade, mnrs, 1121

Local shopping precincts, maintenance, 3450, 3627qn

Mowing, 1047qn, 1910qn, 1913qn

Nature strips, 1043qn

Playgrounds, 1042qn, 1421qn, 1423qn

Public libraries 1426qn

Signage, 951q, 1960qn

Street sweeping, 1859qn, 2102

Torrens car park, 1841qn

Tree vandalism, 1040qn

Parking, spaces, 1859qn

Parks, southern memorial, 2078q

Planning, light rail, 2742qn

Portfolio priorities 2018, mnst, 235

Recreation, Mount Taylor access, mnrs, 103

Recycling, container deposit scheme, 150q, 1266q


Accident black spots, 1465qn, 1466qn, 1467qn, 1884qn, 1885qn, 1886qn

Ashley Drive, 956q, 1512qn, 1675q, 2341qn, 2343qn

Barton Highway roundabout, 326qn

Civic cycle loop, 1944qn

Duplication costs, 3606qn

Gungahlin, 3551q

Intersection upgrades site plan, 2271qn

Mirrabei Drive, 3602qn

Monaro Highway, 3603qn

Planning, 331qn, 338qn, 1464qn

Resurfacing, 1008qn, 3604qn

Road safety, Belconnen, 538

Safety, 1001qn

School crossing supervisor program, 291q

Speed limits, 1019qn, 3604qn

Traffic management, 49q, 343qn, 1844qn, 1888qn, 1889qn, 1890qn, 1892qn, 3607qn

Yarralumla, 615q

Same‐sex marriage, public artworks, 656qn

Sport, Australian Walking Festival, 2333qn

Torrens shops playground, mnrs, 694

Trade unions, influence on government, 1676q


Bike racks, 1050qn

Connectivity, 1687, 1694

Light rail, 317qn, 327qn, 332qn, 1062qn, 1099, 1895qn, 1896qn

Social inclusion, 3600qn

Ticketing, 3930q

Transport Canberra and City Services

Employee assistance scheme, 1437qn

FOI requests, 1436qn

Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate, freedom of information request, psm, 1810

Trees, damage penalties, 1940qn

Tuggeranong town centre upgrade, 614q, 1959qn

University of Canberra Hospital, services, 2401q

Veterinary Practice Bill 2018, prin, 1757, 3563, detail, 3566

Waramanga playground, government response, mnst, 2370

Waramanga playground facilities, 853, 861


Green bins, 158q, 2958q

Green waste collection, 554

Illegal dumping, 3599qn, 3609qn

Management, 1006qn

Plastic waste reduction, 3396

Recycling, 820q, 1007qn, 1876qn, 1960qn

Smart bins, 1868qn

Strategy, 1800q, 2307qn

Waste Management and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1143, 1609


Health services, 826q

Support services, 813

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