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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, 43q, 164q, 1265q

ACT Health

Accreditation update, 1982

Audit report, 1001qn

Conferences and seminars, 1413qn

Consultants, 2244qn

Cystic fibrosis treatment services, 3179qn

Data review, 1263q, 2262qn, 3549q

Executive salaries, 2964q

FOI requests, 1469qn

Former director‐general, 1260q

Governance, 1575q, 2007q, 3749m, perexp, 3769

Hospital capacity, 152q

Invoices, 1002qn, 1413qn

Leadership, 3787q

Office for mental health, 1378q

Opioid treatment guidelines, 618q

Outcomes of the ACT Health system‐wide data review, 3264

Proposed organisational changes, 1173q, 1256q, 1260q, 1263q, 1677q, 2004q, 2011q, 2081q, 2084q, 2209q, 2408q, 3180qn, 3182qn, 3183qn, 3541q, 4020qn

Records, 3921q

SPIRE project, 2249qn

System‐wide data review quarterly update, 1751

Treatment delays, 155q

Update on ACT Health transition and Australian Council on Healthcare Standards accreditation, 3257

Workplace culture, 1575q, 2206q, 3680q, 3682q, 3686q, 3690q, 3690q, 3691q, 3694q

Alexander Maconochie Centre, motorcycle gang activities, 1376q

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2018‐2019, prin, 3533

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, detail, (ACT Local Hospital Network), 2822, (Health Directorate), 2836, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 3113, (Cultural Facilities Corporation), 3522, (ACT Executive), 3524

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, mental health, 2901


Art not apart festival, rave party, 2260qn

Music engagement program, 280q

Venues, 3179qn

Brian Hennessy Rehabilitation Centre, closure, 1003qn


Deficit, 2843q

Health funding, 2200q

Pensioner concessions, 2973q

Calvary Hospital, alleged bullying, 1578q

Canberra Hospital

Accident and emergency procedures, 3312q

Accreditation, 1582q, 1680q

Adult mental health unit, 1796q

Alert levels, 1005qn

Asbestos, 500q

Bed occupancy rates, 1417qn, 1418qn, 2249qn

Building works, 2243qn

Drinking water, 1845qn

Equipment, 3980qn

Off‐site scan analysis, 3791q

Patient flow management, 312qn

Patient safety, 153q

Radiology department, 2403q, 2405q, 2408q, 2845q, 2848q, 3007m

Safety, 2529q

Shooting, 3975qn

Canberra Institute of Technology, heart health program, 2679, 3976qn

Canberra Repertory Society, 3966

Canberra Symphony Orchestra, 3028

Catholic Church, response to slavery, 307

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children

Complaints, 1571q, 1572q

Upgrade program, 3044, 3074q

Children and young people, adoptions, 1172q

Clubs, community contributions, 3430q, 3434q

Community clubs, taxation, 2939

Crime, antisocial behaviour, 2253qn

Drugs, pill testing, 1264q

Gaming, consumer privacy, 1180q


Ethical procurement and employment practices, 529

Meetings, 3981qn

Music grants, 1847qn

Notifiable invoices, 1469qn, 1470qn, 2257qn, 3585qn

Greyhound racing, draft code of practice, 1256q


Adult mental health unit, 2636q

Australian Medical Association ACT, 1836

Blood donation regulations, 1304

Budget, 1002qn

Bulk billing, 3790q

Bullying, 2490m, 2503

Chemotherapy, 3246qn

Communications, 1846qn

Elective surgery, 40q

Investment and planning, 171

Medical staff, 290q

Methadone overdose statistics, 1416qn

Ministerial priorities, 46q

Nurse‐led walk‐in centres, 40q

Office for mental health, multicultural dimensions, 1394

Reproductive health products and advice, access, 2914

Waiting times, 314qn

Withdrawal of codeine‐based medicines, 1004qn

Health (Improving Abortion Access) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3843

Health system, 634


Affordability, 2528q

Alert system, 2255qn

Discharge policy, 1581q

Emergency incidents, 4002qn

Governance, 1627m, 1643

Staff safety, 3973qn

Waiting times, 1566q, 2085q

Industrial relations, work safety, 1794q

Latham, Mr C, tribute, 1733

Legislative Assembly

Answers to questions on notice, costs, 1836, 1935qn, 3186qn, 3585qn


End of Life Choices in the ACT, 2596

Health, Ageing and Community Services, 2174m

Justice and Community Safety, 3895, 3896

Privileges 2018 (No 2), 1773

Public Accounts, 1126m, 1743m, 1746, 2364, 3638, 3873

Points of order, 40, 57, 273, 568, 600, 1164, 1319, 2475, 3085, 3302, 3426, 3687

Question taken on notice, statement by member, 1181, 1208

Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2195

Mental health

Acute care capacity, 404q, 2264qn

Adult mental health unit, 286q

Adult mental health unit staffing, 2259qn

Brian Hennessy Rehabilitation Centre, review, 2256qn

Bullying, 3931q

Office for mental health, 205m, 218

Psychiatric services, 3185qn

Staffing, 289q

Minister for Health and Wellbeing

Government confidence, 2856q

Meetings, 3235qn, 3626qn

Motion of no confidence, mnc, 1515, 1537

Minister for Mental Health, meetings, 3236qn

Music education, funding, 3799

Ombudsman Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2190

Planning, O'Malley, 1270q

Prostitution Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2385, detail, 2440

Remonstrance, democratic rights of citizens of the ACT, 3071

Road safety, Belconnen, 543

Senator for the Australian Capital Territory, casual vacancy, 1671q, 2143m, 2147

Trade unions

CFMEU, 2398q

Influence on government, 1676q

University of Canberra Public Hospital, infrastructure, 3586qn

Veterinary Practice Bill 2018, prin, 3560, detail, 3567

Waste, green waste collection, 560

Youth, P‐plate driver restrictions, 3419

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