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Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders

Health services, 1802q

Reconciliation Day Council, 1500qn

Access Canberra

Service delivery, 1914qn

Working with vulnerable people applications, 1496qn

ACT Ambulance Service

Ambulance data, 3481m, 3488

Crews, 2318qn, 2740qn, 3611qn, 3998qn

Fees, 2320qn, 2321qn, 2322qn, 2324qn, 2325qn

Private ambulances, 2323qn

Recruitment, 2323qn

Response times, 2322qn

Volunteers, 2323qn

ACT Fire & Rescue, equipment, 2326qn

ACT Health

Leadership, 3788q

Proposed organisational changes, 2003q

Staffing, 2736qn

Workplace culture, 3679q

ACT Policing

Gun ownership, 3238qn, 3611qn

Overtime, 2327qn

Recruitment, 2326qn

ACT Revenue Office

Objections, 1502qn

Operations, 1493qn

Staffing, 1488qn

ACTION bus service, refcom, 2799

Costs, 1912qn

Patronage data, 1955qn

Repairs, 1910qn

Performance data, 2292qn

Animals, dangerous dogs, 3491

Anti‐corruption and Integrity Commission Bill 2018, prin, 2031

Appropriation Bill 2017‐2018 (No 2), prin, 1343

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, prin, 2210, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 3102, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate), 3273, (Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate), 3326, (Icon Water Limited), 3521


Management issues, 1045qn

Property sales, 1097qn

Australian Labor Party

Conference, 3296q, 3304q

Preselection, 2628q, 2629q

Australian Space Agency, 2513

Baker, Dr J AO, OBE, condolence, 346

Betting Operations Tax Bill 2018, statement by Speaker, 3717, 3728


Deficit, 2842q

Government investment, 3476

Health funding, 2200q

Bushfires, controlled burns, 2741qn, 3996qn

Business, Local Industry Advocate, 58q

Canberra, flags and banners, 1044qn

Chief Minister, censure, mc, 671, 688

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, workplace bullying, 1091qn

Chief Minister's Charitable Fund, Hands Across Canberra, 3535q, 3538q

Child sexual abuse, 797

Citizens juries, process, 1171q

City Renewal Authority, promotional materials, 1495qn, 1896qn

Clubs, community contributions, 3086q, 3421q

Community services, mothers' groups, 1430qn

Crime, robbery, 270q

Economic growth, 451

Education, international students, 3872

Education Directorate, staff, 2732qn


Consumption, 2296qn

Efficiency, 1711, 4015qn

Feed‐in tariff cost, 2295qn, 2299qn

Generation capacity, 2297qn

Household consumption, 2294qn, 2298qn

National energy guarantee, 2603

Regulation, 1958qn

Renewable, 1428qn

Wholesale electricity purchase, 2300qn

Federal government, financial disputes, 1907qn


Cabinet meetings, 1790q

Centre of data excellence, 2286qn

Clubs policy, 3924q

Commercial lessees, 2250qn, 2251qn, 2252qn

Communications, 1497qn, 1925qn, 1927qn, 1933qn

Concession programs, 2697qn, 2699qn

Contingent workforce scheme, 1952qn

Contracting, 1953qn

Contractors, 2292qn, 3237qn, 3238qn, 3613qn, 3614qn

Creative services panel, 1498qn

Cybersecurity funding, 1498qn

Demographic projections, 1946qn

Directorate staffing, 2759qn, 2760qn, 2762qn, 2763qn, 2765qn, 2766qn, 2769qn, 2770qn, 2771qn, 2772qn, 2773qn, 2774qn, 2776qn, 2778qn, 2779qn

Ex gratia payments, 398q

Expenditure, 1049qn

Fees and charges, 1902qn

Firearms amnesty, 3998qn

FOI requests, 1929qn, 1932qn

Freedom of information requests, 2328qn, 2743qn, 2744qn, 2745qn, 2746qn, 2747qn, 2748qn, 2749qn, 2750qn, 2751qn, 2752qn, 2753qn, 2754qn, 2755qn, 2756qn, 2757qn, 2758qn, 2759qn

Initiatives, 1649

Integrity commission, 3544q

Land acquisition arrangements, 4016qn

Land sales, 959q

Notifiable invoices, 2728qn

Our Canberra newsletter, publication data, 2288qn, 2289qn

Payments, 2698qn, 2699qn

Procurement policies, 1491qn, 1906qn

Reshuffle, 3294q

Revenue collection transformation program, 2700qn

Revenue from greyhound racing, 1236

Services, 1905qn

Sister city agreement, 1918qn

Taxes and charges, 1902qn, 1908qn

Tenders, 1487qn, 1490qn

Tourism policy, 1094qn

Vehicle fleet, 2330qn, 2737qn, 3137qn

Will bank service, 1957qn

Government Agencies (Land Acquisition Reporting) Bill 2018, prin, 2471


Anti‐smoking measures, 1048qn

Cancer patients, 957q

Cancer treatment, 1923qn

Elective surgery, 39q

Multicultural health policy unit, 2734qn

Health (Improving Abortion Access) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3847

Hospitals, waiting times, 1565q, 1567q


Affordability, 885

First home owners, 2728qn

Rates, 1109qn, 1110qn, 1111qn, 1456qn

Utility pricing, 1113qn

Icon Water, meter reading, 1093qn

Icon Water contracts with ActewAGL, order to table, 3510m, 3514

Insurance, third party, 1948qn, 1949qn, 1951qn

International Mother Language Day, 566

Justice and Community Safety Directorate, workplace culture, 1176q


Block 6, Dickson, 1947qn

Block 23 city, 2312qn

Block 30 Dickson, 2293qn

Dickson land swap, 2394q, 2397q, 2514q, 2518q, 2519q

Dickson purchase, 713q, 714q, 715q, 716q, 717q, 820q, 821q, 948q, 953q, 1162q, 1252q, 2077q

Rent scheme, 2727qn

Rural property acquisition, 826q, 2400q, 2401q, 2522q, 2523q, 2630q

Tax, 2701qn, 2711qn, 2721qn, 2725qn, 2726qn

Title system modernisation program, 2312qn

Valuations, 3073q

Winslade purchase, 824q

Land Development Agency 2016‐2017 annual report, corrigendum, 1810

Land Tax Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1559

Lands Acquisition (Reporting Requirements) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 108

Legislative Assembly

Answers to questions on notice, costs, 1566q


Environment and Transport and City Services, 2799m

Justice and Community Safety, 576m

Privileges 2018 (No 2), 1770m, 1776

Privileges 2018, 908, 1351

Public Accounts, 227m, 258m, 3875

Language, unparliamentary, 3384

Ministerial leave, 653qn

Personal explanations, 549, 624, 3554

Points of order, 283, 390, 402, 601, 718, 912, 1578, 1663, 2089, 2459, 2528, 2960, 2972, 3302, 3378, 3439, 3516, 3535, 3552

Standing orders, suspension, 3721

Travel by members, 1427qn

Warnings, 1806, 3692

Light rail

Gungahlin, 598q

Infrastructure damage, 395q

Mitchell, 504q

WorkSafe ACT notices, 489q

Lunar new year, Chinese community, 99

Marriage, same‐sex marriage, public artworks, 328qn

Minister for Health and Wellbeing, motion of no confidence, 1529

Multicultural affairs, multicultural acceptance and community cohesion, 3548q

Municipal services

Mowing, 1046qn, 1910qn, 1913qn

Nature strips, 1043qn

National Multicultural Festival, consultation, 56q


Affordable housing, 152q

Civic, 392q

Easements, 1916qn

Housing choices, 149q

Land use, 1799q

Light rail, 2742qn

Public housing

Complaints, 2315qn

Renewal program, 405q

Religion, freedom from religious discrimination, 296

Remonstrance, democratic rights of citizens of the ACT, 3057

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (No 2), prin, 95


Barton Highway roundabout, 325qn

National Capital Plan, 3999qn

Planning, 331qn

Rural fire services

Funding, 2319qn, 3610qn

Molonglo, 1802q

Same‐sex marriage, public artworks, 655qn

Schools, asbestos, 3782q

Schools, safe and inclusive schools initiative, 1548

Senator for the Australian Capital Territory, casual vacancy, 1671q

Sport, Gungahlin, sporting facilities, 612q

Suburban Land Agency

Promotional materials, 1481qn, 1482qn

Purchases, 389q


Energy industry levy, 1954qn

Impact of reform, 835q

Increases, 2956q

Payroll tax waivers, 401q, 402q, 1098qn

Reform, 2952q

Stamp duty, 1948qn

Unit rating system, 1369q, 2960q

Utilities, 2315qn

Utilities network facilities tax, 1948qn, 1954qn

Territory rights, 3949

Trade unions

CFMEU, 617q

CFMMEU, 3918q

Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union, 3381

Influence on government, 3299q


Bike racks, 1050qn

Light rail, 327qn, 331qn

Provisional drivers licence review, 1043qn

Electric cars, 2318qn, 3136qn

Westside village, costs, 1903qn, 1904qn, 1915qn

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