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Access Canberra

Call centre, 2284qn

Service delivery, 3220qn

ACT Health

Executive salaries, 2965q

Governance, 1574q

Proposed organisational changes, 1257q, 1259q, 1679q

Records, 3922q

SPIRE project, 829q

Treatment delays, 155q

Workplace culture, 3693q

ACT Policing, resourcing, 1373q

ACT public service

Contractors, 3221qn, 3222qn, 3223qn, 3224qn, 3225qn, 3226qn, 3227qn, 3228qn, 3229qn, 3230qn, 3231qn

Overpayment, 1480qn

Public interest disclosure, 2555m, 2563

ACTION bus service

Breakdowns, 1442qn

Bus route 7, 3249

Disability access, 1105qn

Fares, 1101qn

Fleet, 1100qn

Free services, 1446qn

Network, 1444qn, 2682

Patronage, 3218qn

Performance, 1439qn

Route changes, 197

Routes, 2282qn

School services, 1275m, 1288, 2284qn

Staffing, 1102qn, 1438qn, 1895qn

Timetable changes, 2992

Alexander Maconochie Centre, mail policy, 47q

Animals, dangerous dogs, 1792q

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, detail, (Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate), 2886

Australian Labor Party, preselection, 2528q

Australian public service, impact of relocations, 1816

Canberra Hospital

Accident and emergency procedures, 3312q

Infrastructure, 829q

Radiology department, 2404q

Chief Minister, communications strategy, 717q

Clubs, community contributions, 3438q

Domestic animal services, dogs, 1254q


Choice in education, 2654

Enrolment projections, 159q

Gifted and talented students, 1799q

Environment, plastic straws, 3928q


Directorate integrity, 3138qn, 3140qn, 3141qn, 3142qn, 3145qn, 3146qn, 3147qn, 3149qn, 3150qn, 3151qn, 3152qn, 3153qn, 3154qn, 3155qn, 3157qn, 3158qn, 3159qn, 3160qn, 3161qn, 3162qn, 3163qn, 3164qn, 3165qn, 3167qn, 3168qn, 3170qn, 3172qn, 3174qn

Freedom of information requests, 2745qn

Integrity commission, 3543q

Hackett, tuckerbox, 2905

Health, medical staff, 290q

Heritage, Manuka pool honour roll, 1202

Housing, housing choices, 728q

Inaugural speech, 2

Land, rural property acquisition, 2629q

Legislative Assembly


Administration and Procedure, 3518

Environment and Transport and City Services, 3521

Light rail

Contracts, 1433qn

Disability access, 2088q, 2340qn

Infrastructure damage, 395q, 490q, 1446qn

Mitchell, 2088q

Operations, 2408q

Payments, 1444qn

Safety, 1179q, 2848q

Staffing, 1432qn

Stage 1, 1445qn

Stage 1 construction, 1683q, 2070

Stage 2, 1435qn

Workplace safety, 492q

WorkSafe ACT notices, 490q

Municipal services, 2050

National Multicultural Festival, service of alcohol, 284q


Woden, 3308q

Yarralumla brickworks, 3077q

Public housing, Chapman, 611q

Remonstrance, democratic rights of citizens of the ACT, 3099

Road Transport Reform (Light Rail) Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1825

Roads, safety, 3138qn

Schools, mobile phones, 53q


Proposed Kingston nursing home, 1542

Rebate changes, 157q


Increases, 2955q

Unit rating system, 1371q

Taxis, licences, 3795q

Trade unions, influence on government, 1676q


Connectivity, 1667m, 1695

Light rail, 1099, 1895qn, 1896qn

Transport, ticketing, 3930q

Transport Canberra and City Services

Employee assistance scheme, 1436qn

FOI requests, 1436qn

Tuggeranong town centre master plan, 2803

Veterans, Anzac Day, 1411

Workplace Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 761, detail, 767

Youth, P‐plate driver restrictions, 3405m, 3443

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