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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, Reconciliation Day, 3241qn

ACT Health, proposed organisational changes, 2004q, 2408q, 3181qn

ACT public service

Contractors, 3232qn

Overpayment, 1480qn

Public interest disclosure, 2559

ACT Revenue Office

Objections, 1502qn

Operations, 1493qn

Staffing, 1488qn

Alexander Maconochie Centre, governance, 487

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2017‐2018 (No 2), prin, 258

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2018‐2019, prin, 2021, 3533

Appropriation Bill 2017‐2018 (No 2), prin, 256, 1350

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019, prin, 2013, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 3120, detail, (Superannuation Provision Account), 3355, (ACT Executive), 3526, 3532

Arts, venues, 3180qn

Australian Labor Party

Conference, 3296q, 3303q

Preselection, 2528q, 2628q, 2629q

Australian National University, bullying, 1406

Australian Space Agency, 2511

Baker, Dr J AO, OBE, condolence, 345m

Betting Operations Tax Bill 2018, prin, 2585, 3660, statement by Speaker, 3717, 3719


Budget 2017‐18, update, 41q

Community input, 3538q

Employment, 2202q

Government investment, 153q, 2079q, 3470, 3477

Pensioner concessions, 4037qn

Review 2017‐18, psm, 61

Business, Local Industry Advocate, 56q, 1115qn

Canberra, flags and banners, 1044qn

Chief Minister

Censure, 673

Communications strategy, 717q

Relations with the media, statement by minister, 665

Asia trade mission, 2532q

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, workplace bullying, 1092qn

Chief Minister's Charitable Fund, Hands Across Canberra, 3535q, 3536q, 3538q

Citizens juries

Impartiality, 496q

Process, 1171q

City Renewal Authority

Grants, 1180q

Promotional materials, 1495qn, 1896qn

Quarterly land acquisition report, psm, 61

Statement of intent, psm, 410

Clubs, community contributions, 3421q, 3540q

Council for the Australian Federation, ACT relationship, 393q

Downer community centre, mnrs, 1545


Growth, 464, 1569q

Performance, 2398q, 3784q


Concessions, 317qn

Gas, 1020qn

Regulation, 1958qn

Federal government

Budget, 1685q

Facial recognition scheme, 1791q

Financial disputes, 1907qn

Financial Management Act, consolidated financial report, psm, 64, 2023, 2860

Floriade, financial management, 2633q

Gaming, poker machines, 2516q, 2534q


Administrative arrangements, 3783q

Cabinet meetings, 1790q, 2793qn

Capital works program, quarterly progress report, psm, 408, 3555

Centre of data excellence, 2287qn

Commercial lessees, 1066qn, 1420qn, 2251qn, 2253qn

Communications, 1497qn, 1926qn, 1928qn, 1934qn

Concession programs, 2697qn, 2699qn

Contingent workforce scheme, 1953qn

Contracting, 1954qn

Contractors, 2292qn, 3613qn

Creative services panel, 1499qn

Cybersecurity funding, 1498qn

Demographic projections, 1946qn

Directorate integrity, 3139qn, 3142qn, 3146qn, 3159qn

Directorate staffing, 2759qn, 2767qn, 2769qn, 2770qn, 2772qn

Employment policy, 3296q

Ethical procurement and employment practices, 527

Ex gratia payments, 398q, 1118qn

Expenditure, 1050qn

Fees and charges, 1902qn

Free wi‐fi, 4023qn

Freedom of information requests, 2743qn, 2745qn, 2746qn, 2752qn

Initiatives, 1651

Integrity commission, 3543q

International engagement policy, 962q

Investment, 276q

Land acquisition arrangements, 342qn

Land acquisition arrangements, 4017qn

Lease variation revenue, 4030qn

Men's sheds, 1068qn, 2311qn

Ministerial delegation to Washington DC, mnst, 916

Notifiable invoices, 2729qn

Office for LGBTIQ affairs, outcomes, 2640q

Our Canberra newsletter, publication data, 2289qn, 2290qn

Payments, 2699qn

Priorities, spring 2018, mnst, 2367

Priorities 2018, mnst, 77

Procurement policies, 1492qn, 1906qn

Reshuffle, 3294q

Revenue collection transformation program, 2700qn

Services, 1905qn

Sister city agreement, 1918qn

Taxes and charges, 1902qn, 1908qn

Tenders, 1487qn, 1490qn

Tourism policy, 1095qn

Vehicle fleet, 2691qn, 2738qn

Visa applications, 3625qn

Health system, bullying, 2501


Affordability, 391q, 492q

First home owners, 2728qn

Housing choices, 727q

Land tax, 1107qn

Rates, 1106qn, 1109qn, 1111qn, 1112qn, 1457qn, 3600qn

Utility pricing, 1113qn

Icon Water

Meter reading, 1093qn

Water prices, 1475qn

Icon Water contracts with ActewAGL, order to table, 3511

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission, reports, psm, 1808

Insurance, third party, 1949qn, 1950qn, 1951qn

Integrity Commission Bill 2018, expd, refcom, 2365


Block 23 city, 2312qn

Dickson land swap, 2394q, 2396q, 2514q, 2518q, 2519q, 2795qn

Dickson purchase, 713q, 714q, 715q, 716q, 820q, 821q, 949q, 1163q, 1252q, 1511qn, 1959qn, 1961qn 2077q, 2343qn

Rent scheme, 2727qn

Rural property acquisition, 2400q

Tax, 2702qn, 2711qn, 2721qn, 2725qn, 2726qn, 2727qn, 3629qn

Valuations, 3631qn

Winslade purchase, 823q, 1512qn

Land Tax Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1338, 1565

Legislative Assembly

Answers to questions on notice, costs, 1566q, 3586qn


Estimates 2018‐2019, mnrs, 2806

Independent Integrity Commission, mnrs, 732

Independent Integrity Commission 2018, 2035m

Privileges 2018 (No 2), 1772

Privileges 2018, 906, 937, 988

Public Accounts, 230, mnrs, 1328, mnrs, 1351

Language, "Muppet Show", 57

Members, Barr, Mr A, leave of absence, 3869, 3873

Ministerial arrangements, 948, 1369, 2514, 2627

Ministerial leave, 654qn

Ministers, code of conduct, 506q

Papers, 60, 408, 731, 1387, 1585, 2023, 2024, 2095, 2224, 2414, 3697

Points of order, 156, 399, 718, 905

Travel by members, 652qn, 1428qn

Light rail, infrastructure damage, 395q, 1118qn

Minister for Health and Wellbeing

Government confidence, 2856q

Motion of no confidence, 1532

Ministerial delegation to New Zealand, mnst, 81

Ministerial trade delegation to South‐East Asia, mnst, 2808

Motor vehicles, registration, 1041qn

Municipal services, 2054

Henry Rolland Park, 3994qn

Parks, 1025qn

National energy guarantee, 2604

Ombudsman Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1752, 2192


COTA men's shed, 1058qn

Urban renewal precincts, 125, 651qn

West Basin, 3608qn

Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charge Deferred Payment Scheme) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 258, 1604

Remonstrance, democratic rights of citizens of the ACT, 3052m, 3101

Renewable energy targets, 1244

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (No 2), prin, 96, ba, 96


Coppins Crossing, 1065qn

Tillyard and Ginninderra drives, 3138qn

Royal Canberra Show, disability parking, 1472qn

Senator for the Australian Capital Territory

Casual vacancy, 1671q, 2145, 3246qn

Seniors, rebate changes, 157q

Suburban Land Agency

Purchases, 390q

Statement of intent, psm, 409


City centre marketing and improvements levy, 1937qn, 1938

Energy industry levy, 1955qn

Impact of reform, 834q

Payroll tax waivers, 401q, 402q, 1098qn

Rates, 1941qn

Reform, 2953q

Stamp duty, 1948qn

Unit rating system, 1369q, 1371q, 1373q

Utilities, 2315qn

Utilities network facilities tax, 1948qn, 1954qn


Economic impact, 1265q

Event funding, 1060qn, 1061qn

International flights, 58q

Statistics, 715q

Trade unions

CFMEU, 2397q

Influence on government, 3298q

Memorandum of understanding, 494q

Westside village, costs, 1903qn, 1904qn, 1916qn

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