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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2016 Week 8 Hansard (10 August) . .

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Mr Doszpot spoke about losing the battle of the bulge. We have real problems in that regard. The statistics show that the increasing rates of obesity in our community are alarming. It is an effort we need to continue to make right across government. I noticed Mr Hanson the other day being very disparaging about government efforts to promote healthier food alternatives. I was quite surprised to hear that because I think there is a general recognition that that is a problem we face as a community. There is a lot of work to do in this space, but I will be supporting Ms Berry's amendment today. I think it lays out the case fairly succinctly and makes the points that are very real in this discussion.

MADAM DEPUTY SPEAKER: Before I put the question on the motion and give Mr Doszpot a chance to close, I welcome members of the ACT arts community who have joined us in the gallery to attend the Speaker's reception. Welcome to your parliament. There are a couple of familiar faces. I notice Helen Musa there and also Neal. It did not take you very long to come back to the building, Mr Baudinette, so welcome. Enjoy the reception. The question is that Ms Berry's amendment be agreed to.

MR DOSZPOT (Molonglo) (5.48): If I may, through you, Madam Deputy Speaker, I did say to Mr Neil Baudinette that it would only be a very short space of time before we saw him back in the Assembly, so I am glad to see him here.

I am rather disappointed in the sports minister's response to a motion that basically wants to highlight the issues the community have brought to me. Ms Berry, I am actually over here; if you want to listen to any of the things that we have talked about I would be very happy for you to hear what the community has asked me to say to you, that is, there is unhappiness about the state of the grounds and there is an issue with the continued cutting of the sports budget.

The minister said I had misrepresented her. For the minister's information, the comments I made were from Hansard, and I will quote once again:

Minister, in budget paper B, page 26, output class 9.4, table 23, what is the reason for the reduction in spending on sport and rec in this year's budget?

Ms Berry: Thank you for that question. I asked the same question when we were looking at these papers leading up to this. This is about some of the initiatives that Sport and Recreation funded previously ceasing. I might get Mr Dawes to explain a bit more to the committee about what happened there.

These are the minister's words from Hansard. I believe what Ms Berry was referring to was that Mr Smyth had asked her something different. That is exactly what she was asked, and that is what Ms Berry responded with—exactly what I said. I also repeated Mr Dawes's exact words. If that is not reduction in funding I suggest the minister learn to understand the figures listed in her own budget papers. Yes, there is a funding cut, and the minister has totally ignored that, as she has ignored the words of the community about the declining state of our sporting grounds and our sporting ovals.

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