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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2016 Week 8 Hansard (9 August) . .

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are asking how this came about, and about the functions within the directorate, they should look to the Hawke review of 2011, option A.

Additional functions transferred to or established in the directorate in the 2016-17 financial year include the training and tertiary education area, formerly part of the Education Directorate; vocational education and training; management of the National Arboretum; and the Office of the Chief Digital Officer.

The directorate leads the ACT public service and provides strategic support to me in three ministerial roles, as Chief Minister, Treasurer and Minister for Economic Development, as well as my role as Minister for Tourism and Events and Minister for Urban Renewal.

Importantly, the directorate also provides strategic advice and support to the Minister for Racing and Gaming; the Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations; the Minister for Sport and Recreation; the Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research; the Minister for Small Business and the Arts; and the Assistant Minister for Health.

The directorate supports cabinet by providing advice and support on policy development, territory budgeting and reporting, financial and economic policy, service delivery, whole-of-government programs and issues, high value and complex investment development proposals, sport and recreation policy and programs, tourism, government business enterprises, taxation revenue management and developing and guiding the land release program.

The amounts included in the appropriation for 2016-17 for the directorate total just over $900 million, as members have observed: $394.159 million for control of the current payments, a large capital program of $437.749 million and $73,265,000 for payments on behalf of the territory.

The key initiatives to be delivered by the directorate in this budget include $391.4 million over the next three years to redevelop public housing properties under the public housing renewal program, comprising $357.2 million in capital funding and $34 million in associated expense funding. There is the significant boost to the concessions program, with $35 million to support the most vulnerable in our community. There is additional funding to provide city services for new residences across Canberra. There is $7.3 million to promote Canberra as a business and tourism destination. There is additional funding to implement more priorities contained within the confident and business ready strategy, and there is $1.1 million over the next four years to continue our whole-of-government implementation of the healthy weight initiative. In closing, I thank members for their contribution to this part of the budget, and I commend it to the Assembly.

Proposed expenditure agreed to.

Community Services Directorate—Schedule 1, Part 1.6

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