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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2016 Week 8 Hansard (9 August) . .

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MADAM SPEAKER: Supplementary question, Ms Lawder.

MS LAWDER: Minister, why has your government failed to factor in the social and financial impact on local suppliers that the decision to use OfficeMax will have, namely, job losses and business closures?

MR BARR: Our procurement process allows for those issues to be assessed and there are weighted criteria. Local small businesses are given a positive weighting in their favour. What Ms Lawder is suggesting is corruption of a procurement process for a minister to intervene in this context. I will not have any part of that.

MADAM SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Ms Lawder.

MS LAWDER: Minister, how many local workers will be impacted by the closure of local businesses that are capable of carrying out this work?

MR BARR: None that I am aware of.

Government—election costings

MRS JONES: My question is to the Chief Minister and Treasurer. An article in today's Canberra Times reports that significant flaws have been discovered in the so-called costings of Liberal Party policies put out by the government. Professor Lewis of the University of Canberra said that your analysis was "definitely wrong and flawed". Minister, why did you issue an economic analysis that was wrong and flawed?

MR BARR: I did not. I think it is interesting to note that when the professor was interviewed on radio this morning he concurred absolutely with the $400 million black hole. He said, "Yes, I think that's probably around the right figure." "Yes, take that as read," he said, when asked, "Is there a $400 million black hole?" "Yes, take that as read". "Is the $400 million figure correct?" "I think that is probably around the right figure." A $400 million black hole confirmed by the professor.

Mrs Jones: On a point of order, Madam Speaker.

MADAM SPEAKER: A point of order, Mrs Jones.

MRS JONES: It goes to relevance. The question was not about the 400 figure. The question was about why the economic analysis that was wrong and flawed was put out.

Government members interjecting—

MRS JONES: Well, apparently it was.

MADAM SPEAKER: Can you read your original question, Mrs Jones? Stop the clock, please.

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