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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2016 Week 7 Hansard (2 August) . .

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Taxation Administration (Special Arrangements—Lodging of Returns) Approval 2016 (No. 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-157 (LR, 30 June 2016).

Tobacco Act—Tobacco (Fees) Determination 2016 (No. 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-170 (LR, 30 June 2016).

Tree Protection Act—Tree Protection (Fees) Determination 2016 (No. 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-160 (LR, 30 June 2016).

Uncollected Goods Act—Uncollected Good Regulation 2016—Subordinate Law SL2016-14 (LR, 30 June 2016).

Unit Titles (Management) Act—Unit Titles (Management) (Fees) Determination 2016—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-107 (LR, 16 June 2016).

Unit Titles Act—Unit Titles (Fees) Determination 2016—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-132 (LR, 27 June 2016).

Unlawful Gambling Act—Unlawful Gambling (Charitable Gaming Application Fees) Determination 2016 (No. 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-155 (LR, 30 June 2016).

Veterinary Surgeons Act—Veterinary Surgeons (Transitional Provisions) Regulation 2016—Subordinate Law SL2016-13 (LR, 14 June 2016).

Waste Minimisation Act—Waste Minimisation (Fees) Determination 2016 (No. 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-161 (LR, 30 June 2016).

Water and Sewerage Act—Water and Sewerage (Fees) Determination 2016 (No. 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-133 (LR, 27 June 2016).

Water Resources Act—Water Resources (Fees) Determination 2016—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-180 (LR, 30 June 2016).

Work Health and Safety Act—Work Health and Safety (Fees) Determination 2016 (No. 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-68 (LR, 2 June 2016).

Workers Compensation Act—Workers Compensation (Fees) Determination 2016—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-64 (LR, 2 June 2016).

Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act—Working with Vulnerable People Background Checking (Fees) Determination 2016 (No. 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2016-171 (LR, 30 June 2016).

Government integrity

Discussion of matter of public importance

MADAM ASSISTANT SPEAKER: The Speaker has received letters from Mr Hanson, Mr Hinder and Mr Wall proposing that matters of public importance be submitted to the Assembly. In accordance with standing order 79, the Speaker has determined that the matter proposed by Mr Wall be submitted to the Assembly, namely:

The importance of government integrity in the ACT.

MR WALL (Brindabella) (4.10): Madam Assistant Speaker, I am very happy to bring this matter of public importance to this place today, namely, as you said, the

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