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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2016 Week 5 Hansard (3 May) . .

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Mr Barr: You know a lot about that. That's your core business.

MADAM SPEAKER: Withdraw, Mr Barr.

Mr Barr: I am sorry?

MADAM SPEAKER: Withdraw. Withdraw the assertion.

Mr Barr: I withdraw, Madam Speaker.

Answers to questions on notice

MR COE: Under 118A(a) I request an explanation regarding unanswered questions, of which there are numerous on the notice paper.

MADAM SPEAKER: You need the numbers.

MR COE: No 684 was a question to the Minister for Planning and Land Management. No 698 was to the Minister for Transport and Municipal Services, and there are numerous others. Another was from Ms Lawder, 699.

MADAM SPEAKER: You cannot ask about that.

MR COE: No 702 was to the Minister for Capital Metro.

Question No 684

MADAM SPEAKER: In relation to question on notice No 684, does the Minister for Planning and Land Management have an explanation for Mr Coe as to its lateness?

MR GENTLEMAN: Madam Speaker, I understand that it is on the way. I will check the timing for it and report back to Mr Coe.

MADAM SPEAKER: I have to say that the standing order does not allow for "it's on its way" as an explanation for lateness. If you do not have an answer, say you do not have an answer.

MR GENTLEMAN: Madam Speaker, the reason that it is late, in answer to Mr Coe, is that we are looking for the complete details on his question to ensure that the answer is full and answers his particular needs.

Question No 702

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Corbell, the Minister for Capital Metro, in relation to question 702 from Mr Coe.

MR CORBELL: I am advised that the answer to question on notice 702 is currently in my office. I regret the delay in responding to it. The reason is that I was attending a

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