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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2016 Week 4 Hansard (7 April) . .

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Answers to questions

Planning—building requirements (Question No 648)

Mrs Dunne asked the Minister for Planning and Land Management, upon notice, on 9 February 2016:

(1) What are the current height limits for high-rise apartment and office buildings.

(2) Are building height limits the same whether buildings are constructed on lower land areas or raised areas such as in the Belconnen town centre.

(3) Are there different height limits for different parts of Canberra; if so, what are the height limits for each building type in each area as relevant.

(4) Are there any buildings, completed, under construction or currently in the approval process, that exceed the relevant height limits for their particular areas; if so, on what basis was approval given for those completed or under construction.

(5) What approval criteria are being taken into account for those currently in the approval process.

(6) Are there different construction quality requirements for higher-rise buildings compared to lower-rise buildings; if so, to what extent do construction quality requirements vary.

(7) Are design aesthetics taken into account when approving higher-rise building development applications; if so, to what extent.

(8) Is the visual impact and building dominance on the surrounding environment taken into account when approving higher-rise building development applications; if so, to what extent.

(9) What requirement is there for a public housing component in privately developed apartment buildings.

Mr Gentleman: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Height limits vary across the ACT to account of the character of the particular area and desired built form. The height limit in the city centre is nominated as RL617, which is a level in metres above the sea level. Tuggeranong town centre has varying height limits of up to 38 metres above ground. Gungahlin town centre has varying height limits up to approximately 10-12 storeys, but could be exceeded in certain areas. The height limits within Belconnen and Woden town centres are informed by master plans, with an approved master plan for Woden and a master plan in development for Belconnen which nominate maximum building heights of 24 and 27 storeys.

(2) Building height limits vary, based on a range of factors including proximity to commercial centres and transport nodes, impacts to surrounding areas to and desired

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