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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2016 Week 4 Hansard (7 April) . .

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remediation and resting of the grounds. The progressive and rolling closures that Mr Doszpot referred to in one of his questions has been considered but has not been adopted because the process is resource intensive. Having the flexibility for teams to move between grounds minimises the cost, and the grass needs at least two weeks without use to enable its recovery and remediation.

In relation to communicating the closures, clubs and regular users are familiar with the annual program. I know that I have been notified through my own football club when grounds are closed. The government also communicates the closures publicly through media releases, online updates and contact with peak sporting groups.

Environment—weed management

MR GENTLEMAN: Earlier today I received a question regarding African lovegrass and whether maps were available to the public. I can advise that maps are available to community groups like park care groups via a log-on for each current financial year's works. These maps are updated by both TAMS staff and park care groups. Following the completion of each financial year the maps are released publicly. The maps are available on the TAMS website at It is an interactive map. You can tap the legend at the top right-hand side of the map and look at all of the treatments for those invasive weeds.

Answer to question without notice

Statement by member

MR COE (Ginninderra): Under standing order 118 I believe that Ms Fitzharris's answer to the last question was in the form of a ministerial statement; therefore I am seeking leave of the Speaker to respond to the statement at the conclusion of question time.

Ms Burch: Can you repeat that, Alistair?

MR COE: Standing order 118.

MADAM SPEAKER: I am contemplating whether this is something that you can ask me or that I can ask you. Bear with me, Mr Coe, while I contemplate that.

On the advice of the Clerk, and having read the standing order, which has been here for some time but has never been used, and given the content of the question that Ms Fitzharris was asked and the content of the answer, I will give leave. It was fairly much a statement by the minister about a whole new structure. It could, whilst short, be taken to be in the form of a ministerial statement. These are uncharted waters but the discretion to give leave is entirely my own and I will give leave to Mr Coe to respond. Although the standing orders—

Mr Smyth: Five minutes.

MADAM SPEAKER: Okay, you get five minutes, although the minister making the ministerial statement got four. Of course, they get opportunities to answer supplementary questions. Mr Coe, by leave of the Speaker, you have five minutes.

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