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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2016 Week 4 Hansard (7 April) . .

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Mr Coe: A point of order.

MADAM SPEAKER: A point of order. Can you stop the clock.

Mr Coe: It is on relevance. The question that was asked by Mr Wall was about whether there was a pro forma or standardised method for reporting the details. In effect, it is about the process by which the government informs UnionsACT about details relating to the MOU.

MADAM SPEAKER: I think the Chief Minister was saying that the same system was used as that used to provide information to other agencies. Mr Barr, remembering that you need to be directly relevant, would you like to elaborate and make it clear.

MR BARR: Thank you, Madam Speaker. The list of tenderers is publicly available and is also provided to the Long Service Leave Authority and the Environment Protection Authority. Procurement and Capital Works publishes this list as soon as possible after tenderers have been registered, usually on the same afternoon, making it available for anyone to view. Interestingly, the advice from Procurement and Capital Works is that it receives more calls about the lists of tenderers from industry than it does from unions: more calls from industry than it does from unions. So this is a pathetic beat-up by those opposite and their mates at the Australian, from Michaelia Cash and all of the other cronies from the hard right. It is a pathetic beat-up.

Government—transport and services directorate

MR HINDER: My question is to the Minister for Transport and Municipal Services.

Opposition members interjecting—

MADAM SPEAKER: Hang on a second, Mr Hinder. Could you sit down, please? I would like to call the members on my left to order so that I can hear Mr Hinder, Mr Coe. I call Mr Hinder.

MR HINDER: My question is to the Minister for Transport and Municipal Services. Minister, can you provide the Assembly with an overview of the new directorate bringing together transport and local services that you announced this morning?

MS FITZHARRIS: I thank Mr Hinder for his question and also for the opportunity to talk today about the terrific work that we are doing to improve our city. It is very clear that Labor has a plan for our city's future, a plan that focuses on renewal, great customer service and a clean and sustainable city we can all be proud of.

I was very pleased today to announce a new directorate, combining Transport Canberra, our new integrated transport agency, with the Territory and Municipal Services Directorate. This will seize the opportunity to combine ACTION buses, light rail and active travel with Canberra's vital city services.

Transport and our city services are crucial to Canberra's future growth. Indeed, the close links were recognised in my ministerial portfolio title. I am proud to say that this

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