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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2016 Week 4 Hansard (6 April) . .

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moving an amendment to Mr Coe's motion to highlight the true needs of our city's transport future. But of course I welcome the opportunity to speak about the ACT government's commitment to providing an integrated, modern, sustainable transport system for all Canberrans.

While Mr Coe has been working on a grossly undercosted plan with no patronage data, for more buses and more congestion on our roads, the ACT government has a costed, affordable and visionary plan for our city's transport future. It is a shame those opposite seem so hell-bent on anything but light rail. It does not seem to matter if it works or not; they are just idealistically opposed to progress, I suppose. Does this ring a bell with anyone and have we seen this approach before?

We should be under no illusion that what the Canberra Liberals are rolling out is their version of Abbott's negativity. It is a campaign plan unable to be adjusted. But as we saw then, this style of politics is disastrous in government. Mr Coe's plan is unworkable and massively undercosted. Yes, we finally saw an idea after nearly three years of waiting, but still no costings. Their plan is a massively uncosted, probably unworkable solution. It is not a transport plan when you look closely.

But I recall a time when the Canberra Liberals supported light rail, when they declared it was time to take light rail seriously. In fact they told us that the community were crying out for vision and for something to be done on the issue of light rail. But of course, the Canberra Liberals do not want to see change in Canberra. They do not want a city that is sustainable, with a transport network that gives people more choice and better access.

This government's public transport improvement plan actually has a vision for public transport, one that is convenient, efficient, affordable, reliable and integrated. On 1 July this year transport Canberra will be established to bring this vision to reality. Integrated public transport will be crucial to managing congestion and ensuring that Canberra remains the world's most livable city as it grows.

We know that more than 500,000 people will call Canberra home by 2030. We need to plan now for that growth or we will quickly find ourselves living in a city that has crippling congestion costing us upwards of $700 million a year. When I think about Canberra's future I see a city that is connected, easy to move around in and diverse. I see a city where my children will be able to get around easily and safely. And I see a city that ensures our older members, those with a disability and those facing transport disadvantage can be confident the system meets their needs.

By contrast, the Canberra Liberals concede that the private motor car will be the principal choice of transport for the foreseeable future. Their plan is for more roads and more parking. Mr Coe's speech on his motion was instructive: four minutes spent on buses, six minutes spent attacking light rail and five minutes on roads. In a 15-minute speech he found four minutes to talk about buses. The plan is for more roads and more parking and, of course, they cannot comprehend how this impacts our city and our environment into the future.

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